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Team Deathmatch
add thiss!!
+1 it sounds fun
This idea really has been growing on me, since I noticed this gap between objective-focused battlegrounds (play to win with flags or bosses) and the 'you-only-live-once'-arena try hard mode.

I love the idea of leaving the objectives aside so that all players can fully focus on the teamfight experience, which we all love!

And we all know those fights have amazing shifts from side to side and epic scenarios all the time - not only because of individual skill or gear but also psychological tricks, distractions, heroic sacrifices and the overall momentum.

I believe all players and all classes could contribute in a unique way and that this suggestion will enrich the gaming experience Retro Wow is already delivering.
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]
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shameless self bump
+ 1 from me, good idea.

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