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08-01-2020, 05:04 AM
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  Gigaalpha - RULE 9 Insults & Harassment
Posted by: Hesel - 08-03-2020, 09:40 PM - Forum: Report Cheater/Hacker/Abuse - Replies (1)

Rule 9) Insulting or harassing another player this includes all kind of insults. (Religion, Racism insults)

1. Character name: Gigaalpha
2. Reason: He is being toxic as shown in images. Also this is not the first time he randomly insulted my alts, i ignored and didnt report him then but seeing he is still toxic i decided to report him. He has to stop being toxic. i was dumb and didn't take ss of his previous harassments. and dont have a chat addon so sadly i cant post them. but i have the last harassment screenshots as proof.
3. Proof: 

[Image: FjEgrov.jpg][Image: Xw472Ls.jpg]

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  Ban Appeal
Posted by: Jinqx - 07-31-2020, 10:44 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

Soo i logged onto my account today for the first time in a year or so and realize that i am " cheatperma banned" Have nooo idea why this is the case as i have not been on in over a year ive donated here in the past and wanted to rejoin the force of retro!
Thats all the information i can provide as of right now because i have no other knowledge as to why this is happening!
Thank you for your time in reading this sincerely 
Jinqx,Rylen McClarty

Account Name: Jinqx

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  How is this Server still fun?
Posted by: Bumralap - 07-31-2020, 01:46 PM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

I came to this server now and then, tried stuff but everything is sitll the same, how are people still having fun one shotting and getting one shotted in bgs all the time?

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  CHeater in AB BG
Posted by: hunterche - 07-31-2020, 09:10 AM - Forum: Report Cheater/Hacker/Abuse - Replies (3)

Smallwillys currently flying and speed hacking in AB BG

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  Firah - RULE 9 Insults & Harassment
Posted by: Hesel - 07-30-2020, 05:34 AM - Forum: Report Cheater/Hacker/Abuse - Replies (1)

Rule 9) Insulting or harassing another player this includes all kind of insults. (Religion, Racism insults)

1. Character name: Firah
2. Reason: He is being toxic as shown in images. Also this is not the first time he randomly insulted my alts, i ignored and didnt report him then but seeing he is still toxic i decided to report him. He has to stop being toxic. i was dumb and didn't take ss of his previous harassments. and dont have a chat addon so sadly i cant post them. but i have the last harassment screenshots as proof.
3. Proof: [Image: 3OWqXws.jpg]
[Image: mhn8Uvh.jpg][url=https://i.imgur.com/mhn8Uvh.jpg][/url]
[Image: MrraNLV.jpg][Image: CwDwM1S.jpg][Image: OUfsxeP.jpg]

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Bug Not new, but hi
Posted by: Granpa - 07-29-2020, 11:43 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (7)

Hi ,
i'm playing with an orc shaman on this server. But ive been playing for a few months already and someone told me i should go see the forum. 
I am from Belgium, and yes, i'm old.
15 years ago i played wow vanilla on the blizzard servers, i stopped playing before expansions came out.
I love the vanilla version of wow, so yes, i like this server. Mostly i like to play Alterac valley, but i miss the good old days in Hillsbrad Foothills, when there was massive fight between Southshore and Tarren Mill.
Most people are nice on this server.  Some are hating, but i think those people need more love in real life.
Other than playing this game i like to go fishing and visiting / talking with people and family i care about, but with this corona crisis going on, it's hard to do that now.
My name i use in game is Angrygranpa. I am not that angry, but the orc's face looks angry.
See you in game Wink Cool

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  new set for combo of arena tokens and honor
Posted by: abyssinside - 07-29-2020, 07:07 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (1)

Hi was talking with my guild mates and our GM Fraxinus,suggested 1)to make a vendor with new arena-bg armor set,downscale maybe t4 set or pvp bg set.Think it's a GREAT idea...people will find something to give them motivation to play more arena and bg's.+will be unique.And maybe add a new bg in Azshara.

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  Eheltos the ninja looter gets crushed
Posted by: Cyberbully - 07-29-2020, 03:14 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

I killed this female undead ninja looter
Retrowow trash named Eheltos on Retrowow
in a duel on my pala with and
farted on him with my ass. Seal of command
is bugged and kills in duels and he lost all
his buffs and his morph lol.. He thought he
could beat me in his BiS rogues gear lal but
failed and I turned him into a chair.
Don't invite Eheltos to your raid on retrowow.
He will ruin your loot. Especially when on your main.


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  DMT Buff Vendor
Posted by: negula - 07-27-2020, 07:04 AM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (13)

TLDR: Sell DMT buffs in the mall for PvE tokens, do NOT offer ony/ZG buff

Edit: Put them in Azshara Crater as well?
Edit2: Add a non-resetable cooldown/debuff of 3-5 hours to force downtime and prevent having the buffs up 24/7.
Edit3: If a vendor is out of the picture, add a buffed version of King Gordon to AC, a version of him you would need 5 people to kill, possibly inside the same building as Omen. If it is possible, have the guards and the NPC that gives you king of the gordoks debuff spawn when he is dead after you down him.

DMT buffs are definitely easier to get on this server but can still be a pain sometimes, especially always needing a rogue, gordok suit, or a charge to blow the last door open. As I was running it the other day I was thinking if there could be a fair way to get buffs from a vendor in the mall and realized it could be possible. 
To most people PvE tokens on this server are useless after getting attuned to AC and they build up or get turned in for some gold, so why not use them to get PvE buffs, like DMT?
I don't really know what would be considered a fair amount per buff, and I'm also definitely against have only/nef & ZG buff vendors, if these buffs could be purchased ZG and Only would not have as many bis players helping newer players get some gear.
I don't really see how it could cause an issue with how things are going on the server, it'll maybe just make quest areas a little busier at the worst and that isn't so bad in my opinion.  

Maybe since warchiefs blessing is tough to get that can be considered, maybe for a higher cost.

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  World PVP (Simple Way - Azshara Token Gold Rewards)
Posted by: Walley7 - 07-27-2020, 03:32 AM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (1)

Hi everyone,

Long time player and fan of retro here (aabcdee the warlock).

Have been very happy with the server for a long time, though there's one itch it hasn't been able to properly scratch - spur of the moment world PVP. Hunting people down in the open, stalking them through the trees, and setting up the perfect ambush. And then their friends showing up for revenge!

Alterac Valley games sometimes have elements of it, but the PVE zerg overrides all. The place you can *sometimes* get a dose of it is from Azshara Crater - and I suspect this is what it was designed to be. Every so often I do a /who z-"Azshara" to see if anyone's in Azshara Crater, and if they are I go a-hunting.

The problem: there's rarely anyone there, and most of the time it's a party for Dracolich. The cause is obvious - there's not enough incentive to go there on an ongoing basis. You get your ZG and Naxx enchants once, then you go home. And the other quests in the zone are convoluted and difficult to solo with low rewards, so nobody does them.

The Suggestion
Here's two changes I propose to improve that, with minimal development effort required (because I know we all have lives):

  • Allow turning in the Azshara Crater tokens for gold - moss tokens, kobold tokens, scourge tokens, etc.
  • Give a gold reward each time you kill a player (just like in Gurubashi Arena). (This might already be the case)

Some ground rules to keep things balanced:
  • The gold rewards should be better than the existing solo gold quests (which are very slow), but shouldn't outshine BGs. For example: 30 kobold tokens = 300 gold, 30 scourge tokens = 450 gold, somewhere in that ballpark. Should include all token types which the zone has (e.g. water and furbolg tokens).
  • Keep Azshara Crater a PVP zone (obviously).

The idea here being that it's a great place to farm gold, but not to the point that it undermines the BG population. BGs should still be the faster way to make gold. This should just be a viable alternative for when you want some variety or are too undergeared to have much fun in BGs.

Addressing Criticisms / Doubts
1. This will stop people playing BGs
  • Only if the rewards are too high. I believe it should generate around 75% of what you can make from back to back BGs, for the average player playing a non-mage (that is, not AOE farming).
2. Nobody will bother with it, everyone will stay in BGs
  • Reverse of the above - only if the rewards are too low. This is the current problem.
3. Mages will just AOE farm everything
  • This is a genuine risk.
  • Personally I consider it acceptable for a few reasons: other people can kill the mages to stop them, and I don't really mind mages being able to get gold quicker if we get active world PVP in return (and it's just a property of classic wow that mages have an advantage whenever farming is involved).
  • Or if you really don't want it, you can be a little evil: give the mobs in Azshara Crater high frost and arcane resistance, or make them immune to immobilizes and slows. Nullify the AOE farming advantage.
4. People will hate getting killed while farming
  • This isn't really a problem - that's the nature of World PVP.
  • They can always farm gold elsewhere.
  • The zone is big - they can try to find an uncontested spot.
5. It will get in the way of people farming their enchantments
  • Yes, it will, but not beyond reason - getting 10x kobold/moss etc tokens is still going to be pretty easy. Same for the 100 scourge tokens - there's a lot of those mobs.
  • You only need to get them once per toon.
  • Encourages players to kill each other to get tokens to themselves.
6. The zone is too big, people will never be able to find each other
  • Don't underestimate the resourcefulness of someone hungry for PVP. I *will* track you down Cool .
7. The existing incentives and rewards in the zone are enough to draw people in
  • If that were true I wouldn't be creating this post.
8. Nobody will know about it - Azshara Crater is hidden behind an out of the way quest NPC
  • I'll happily spam the news in global chat if it happens. It will be a personal mission for people to know.
9. The server admins aren't accepting suggestions anymore
  • Maybe - it has been a while. I don't blame them, I'm sure they have their own lives to live.
  • At the same time there's more players still here than I ever expected after classic - the server's actually going pretty strong - so I have hope that they might listen.
  • The suggested changes are intentionally as simple as possible.
  • It doesn't hurt to try.

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