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Team Deathmatch
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Hi, everyone

I'm here to suggest a new battleground type; TDM.

How it should work:  Team A vs Team B, the first team to reach ~50 honorable kills total wins the BG.
                              Open BG on 5v5 entered in queue, cap at 20v20

                              Spawn&GY locations must be unreachable by opposing teams (graveyard on tall platform)

                            [Edit to include anti-griefing measure - To prevent stalemates, one of each faction flag (or one neutral flag) should be added to the central area of the map which should have a long capture cast and/or capture timer (~1 minute cast timer appears appropriate without play testing). Capturing this flag should score a complete victory for the capturing team. (IE points score 2000 per second unless neutral/uncaptured). The purpose of this is to create traffic to the central point of the map, and to prevent griefing by one team refusing to exit their respawn safe area.

                              The rewards should be similar to arena rewards, if not exactly the same [PVP Token] & [Arena Token] so as to not outweigh                                                    traditional BG rewards.

What it promotes:  This type of battleground attracts the casual frame of mind, and the hardcore player if they like. The behavior seen in BGs currently as of April 2021 is often far removed from teamwork or objective based decision making ( AB is constantly undefended flags, WSG flag game gets ignored over killing people in mid. )

Why we should have it:  It would be a lot of fun, for a lot of people! The objective of the battleground is something that everyone can contribute to without ignoring it all together. Sadly Vanilla has become an old game and many are growing tired of it. For those players, I would ask one thing; does team deathmatch in WoW sound fun to you? I know there won't ever be as much hype as when nost went down and classic was announced, however that doesn't mean vanilla has lost all interest. We still have a vibrant and large community, some more present than others. If you're like me, maybe you're bored of the game but don't want to stop playing. 

How about other battlegrounds? Won't adding another only make them worse? Well, that is a fair concern. Despite that, I would consider the possible benefit of winning back old players who have grown tired of the traditional battlegrounds outweighs the possible cost of adding another battleground.
When arenas were released there was a surge of players returning to come check it out. And those players interested in it tended to give their spots in a battleground up for an arena queue; just something to consider for the newer player up against oldf*gs in BGs.

If you think this would be a welcomed addition then show your support in the thread, make sure the staff sees this. Years ago some of us asked for arenas; Kelzo and the staff made it happen after the community voiced their interest. However you feel about the current condition of the server, I just want to say I really do appreciate all the staff's work keeping the server updated and adding new features every once in a while. Your consideration alone is worth thanking.

Regardless of your decision I hope everyone reading this has a pleasant day!  Cool[/b][/b]
Hands down a cool idea! I personally would find a sh** ton of fun in a 1.12 classic WoW TDM, especially a size of 20v20 with the right map. Offers some open world pvp option too. It's a definite +1 from me, even if a type beta phase, absolutely.. !
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Fantastic Idea +1
kill all
TDM is THE battleground meant for a server such as Retrowow.

Most players queuing bg's want to see blood and big numbers, and no battleground can satisfy their thurst as much as a TDM BG.

Even myself would love a BG without any other objective than killing people while trying to stay alive as much as possible, it's an objective in itself.

What would make that BG great is that there is one and only one single objective, wich would make every player in this Battleground play in a rather cohesive way, whereas in other Battlegrounds, player's mindset can differ as some people can be attracted in playing the flag, capturing bases, defending, farming mid, etc...
And all of those different goals are making those Battlegrounds always more and more difficult to enjoy, since Vanilla pvp is all about teamplay.

A TDM BG would make everyone play as one, as there is one and only one single objetive: Kill, and not be killed (that's actually two).

Another benefit is that it would also make a natural selection with players queuing warsong, arathi or TDM BG: f people want to frag they'll queue TDM, if they want to play an objetive they'll queue the other bg's.
big +1
so many unused areas in Vanilla Wow where you can make this happen, even if its just the Azshara Crater Arena thats been sadly so empty lately.
I wholeheartedly support this fantastic idea! +++
it would add another dimension to retro wow and I'm sure people will find it engaging and satisfying.
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Sounds good, but 50 total hks is a bit low I think, make it 120, which would mean that the average player in enemy team dies about 6 times before they lose.

Also, I assume you want gy to be unreachable in order to prevent gy farming, but this might cause players to camp their own gy if they feel like they can't win, thus dragging out the game. My suggestion to solve this would be to have the gy be reachable and have the gy resurrect range be extended, maybe to cover the entire map, so that ghosts can spread out before they resurrect. Having a map wide auto resurrect would also prevent players from staying as ghosts, which they could also do to prolong the game.

+1 Good stuff

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