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Remove Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake
(12-13-2018, 02:28 PM)walenkryx Wrote: Having players think twice before engaging, or trying to not fight useless fights without any second thought is definitely interesting as it change a player's perception of their gameplay for the best, making them more aware of what's actually happening. This is one more though a player will have, something a bit less fun at first sigh, but definitly fun in the long term as it makes a player feel more immersed into the game.

This is why I like these discussions, it started as an observation in regards to the strength of the Fruitcake, and then as players give their takes the discussion evolves. We sometimes get off the original topic, but there's no rule against having a conversation.

At the end of the day, the developers do their best to create a game environment that everyone will enjoy. But at the same time, I've been on this server since 2016 - and I've talked with many other community members about various topics, balance, raids, PvP. We make observations and have opinions, which generates discussion.

This server is fun, but it is fun because there is a good balance of mechanics (blizz-like) and conveniences (instant 60, 5 Man Raids, Cross-Faction, all items purchasable via gold). But if it's too convenient, people will get bored, there will be nothing to work towards.

We aren't trying to make things harder for anyone, we just want a dynamic experience that will keep players here and attract new ones. We have opinions, it's fine to disagree but be civil and constructive. Not "Herp a der FUN SERVER".
"Any day above ground is a good day" ~ Leslie Feltham (Poppy)
@Feltham one day you will figure out my point of view about this and why i disagree with lots of the suggestions.

Nothing personal with anyone that posts.

Sam, I think I know where you're coming from - and I get that I might be spinning my wheels with these posts - but I enjoy talking about the server.

No hard feelings at all, but I will always express my opinion.
"Any day above ground is a good day" ~ Leslie Feltham (Poppy)
I 100% agree with this suggestion.

I played vanilla and this item really break the pvp (like a lot of other things on this serv by the way).
Often people should die but they don't because of this, also it allows rogue, mage or any other class that can cc to just regen most of their hp while using it. Same for hunter, they just fd and regen like crazy. Makes no sense at all.

It's broken not only in 1V1 but also in battleground and in fact in any kind of pvp.
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Totally agree with the OP. Graacu is gamebreaking and an unfair advantage towards many classes who can reset fights such as mages, hunters, rogues. Not to mention the insane amount of HP you get back if you`re at 9k HP.

Nothing wrong with Cinnamonrolls and mage water. Please remove Graacu.
Not agree
/vote no

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Or just nerf fruitcakes abit or have the conjured cinnamon rolls and water in the vendor so we in the end we still have the next best food and dont have to bug mages with it.
Nerf it to 3,5 or 4% but dont remove it
(01-02-2019, 08:41 AM)ReikoN Wrote: Nerf it to 3,5 or 4% but dont remove it

If they're going to nerf it, why not just nerf it for battlegrounds and duels only? I'm sure that would be doable.

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