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Full Version: Remove Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake
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I never thought I'd petition to have this removed, but it truly changes gameplay.  This food heals you so fast that it changes combat strategies because the instant someone gets out of combat they get 5-10% of their HP.  And, btw, with everyone having titans flasks on that means thats going to be a TON of health.  I should know, I have 6.2k unbuffed hp and 7.5k buffed with flask+rum (which is what I normally PVP in). Since I can feign death any time to get a few drinks in, I live through all kinds of things I shouldn't be able to.

Give people access to an unlimited supply of free food and water, but just have it be max rank mage food.  This food is just too strong and is very exploitable in 1v1 and changes the tempo of gameplay.
I totally agree, it also reduces the impact hp lost can have on a player. A lock dotting you, or receiving damage is not that big of a deal if you don't die, in the current state of things.
But having a lower and more blizzlike food will make most fights more meaningful, immersive.
And I'm all about an immersive experience, I think it makes players stay longer and experiencing better quality content overall. And it will have an impact on the gameplay as well, as I mentioned. People will take a bit more time before jumping in every single fight and receiving useless AOE or WW from warriors etc... In other words, making the retrowow experience a bit more punitive (and blizzlike) seem counter-intuitive but in one sentence, the bitter part is what makes a player enjoying the sweet part more, kinda. This change will indeed, imo, contribute to creating a deeper bond between the players and the server.
As a shadow priest with dots that can eat through an opponents HP faster than the current food can heal them. This change would just spread further casualties and chaos. I'm okay with this. Please proceed.

Kind Regards, Fleyz
Sitting down and eating is not a very fun aspect of vanilla wow. I'd rather keep it to a minimum.

This is a horrible idea considering that 90% of players are bis and can pump out that 10% healed in a matter of one or two auto attack’s
a Huntard crying because he understood one of his Skills and already thinks he is overpowerd.... please think out side of the box... yes this food is op but guess what do u want to sit after every death for like 1-2min as mage/priest etc to get ur mana full? its a game changer but in a positiv way.....
The food inherently creates a balance concern based on the fact it is a percentage. 

As a player gets more gear (in particular as their HP and Mana totals increase) the effectiveness of the food increases. A brand-new player sees little to no benefit from this, as their stats are probably sufficiently low enough that using the conjured food would be as almost effective as using the fruitcake.  

As you've pointed out in your suggestion, the next best food would be: Conjured Cinnamon Roll/Conjured Crystal Water: 
  • Conjured Cinnamon Roll = 3180 HP / 30 Seconds, or 106 HP / Second
  • Conjured Crystal Water = 4200 Mana / 30 Seconds, or 140 Mana / Second
Prisom's suggestion was aimed towards 1v1, but I believe there is a balance issue here. 

So using Prisom as an example, he said flasked with rum (standard WSG buffs, imo) he has a 7.5K HP pool, and for the sake of calculations, I'm assuming he has 4K mana. 

So when Prisom uses the fruitcake, his rates are as follows:
  • HP: (7500 HP * 0.05) / Second = 375 HP / Second
  • Mana: (4000 Mana * 0.05) / Second = 200 Mana / Second
Versus a new hunter, not flasked in blues would see the following rates (the HP/Mana totals are an approximation, but helps prove the point):
  • HP (4000 HP * 0.05) / Second = 200 HP / Second
  • Mana (2800 Mana * 0.05) / Second = 140 Mana / Second
These are the HP/Mana pools that give a 1:1 ratio between the Conjured Food/Water and the Fruitcake:
  • HP = (106 HP/ Second) / 0.05 = 2120 HP
  • Mana = (140 Mana / Second) / 0.05 = 2800 Mana
If BiS players are stuck using the normal food/water, it would take BiS players about three to four times as long to get the same HP regen, and depending on their total mana about two to three times. 

On my hunter, there are many ways to achieve LoS, find a stump - FD - start eating. Unless I've got like 4+ good DoTs on me, the food will out-do the damage. In WSG, there are many ways to get LoS, hunters have the easiest time dropping combat but any class can do this.

If I didn't have the fruitcake, it would probably make more sense to just continue fighting or wipe so that I can get ressed and be effective again. Basically, if I attempted to FD and eat, I would survive for a few seconds longer but the damage rate would be far greater than the healing rate and it would make more sense to just die. 

Using static numbers on food/water creates a more balanced environment, regardless of your total numbers, every player gets the same regeneration rates. 

+ 1 for the suggestion. 

Granted, I have like so many fruitcakes stockpiled since they stack to 200. I carry around 3k per character. So they would have to delete my fruitcakes (I could choose to not use them, but for this suggestion to work, they have to be eliminated from every character).
(12-10-2018, 12:40 PM)jamesmatheny12 Wrote: [ -> ]This is a horrible idea considering that 90% of players are bis and can pump out that 10% healed in a matter of one or two auto attack’s

The BIS players are the ones who benefit from this and abuse it...  low geared people heal slower than high geared people.

(12-10-2018, 04:41 PM)Feltham Wrote: [ -> ]So using Prisom as an example, he said flasked he has a 6.2K HP pool, and for the sake of calculations, I'm assuming he has 4K mana. 

So when Prisom uses the fruitcake, his rates are as follows:
  • HP: (6200 HP * 0.05) / Second = 310 HP / Second
  • Mana: (4000 Mana * 0.05) / Second = 200 Mana / Second

I misspoke.  I'm actually 6.2k unbuffed.  I'm 7.5k flasked w/rum, so its even more overpowered than that.  Nice math though.


I forgot to mention that a CLASS that is based on DRAINING OTHERS MANA as main focus is crying about the food being to strong mhmhmhmhmhmmh hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm I ASSUMING SOMEONE HAS A HARD TIME BEING HUNTARD :(((((

But hey atleast u figuerd out to fegain death and eat :OOOOO that must be mind blowing for you knowing u can reg. within 20sec to full hp....

So Pointless this discussion IT makes the game faster AND more ENJOYABLE FOR EVERYONE besides for you it seems. I wonder why q8)
Reading comprehension is hard.

Regardless, the more HP a player has, the better the food. That was the whole point of the post.

Imagine if all healing items were % based, healing potions for example. They would be broken on classes or players with lots of HP, versus as a static amount has the same affect across all players making it balanced.
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