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[Image: MbmKq1o.jpg]

Exalted with Zanda turns you into supersayan <3

[Image: vOYr23A.jpg]

That quest, best. 'nuff said.

[Image: ubRkvot.jpg]

Stroke my pet pls

[Image: 2h5dWD6.jpg]


[Image: hRrHJ0c.jpg]

Casual reading Wink
[Image: iYlEllX.jpg]

Sometimes it's best to just sit and watch the work and detail put into this game over 9 years ago Smile

[Image: 2wi83HY.jpg]

Other times it's best to quick-burn that fight so you don't get burned yourself (by a room full of mad,angry dworves Wink )

[Image: dhwazXr.jpg]

And other times it's best to take your time and hunt down the prize at the top ( or lurking depths of the lordaeron ruins in my case Tongue )
[Image: 11013293_948379811899416_7671610509650979208_o.jpg]
[Image: 12088137_948379885232742_680817702810240...e=56A20DC9]
[Image: 12045369_948379981899399_1376466686644904485_o.png]
[Image: 12031570_948380035232727_8064317845162589387_o.png]
[Image: 12049526_948380181899379_771575432836211...e=56938446]
[Image: 12091429_948380218566042_8778867580959756558_o.jpg]
So then, for the better or the worse these are maybe, maybe not my last posts Wink

[Image: ycwTTQq.jpg]

Looks Like Adam's grown a tail, must be from that patchwerk in duskwood.

[Image: vDs3DAF.jpg]

Sometimes it's just not worth KungFu Fighting, why not dance instead Tongue

[Image: KPspfdV.jpg]

And the infamous cross-faction BGs brought a revelation anew, maybe a measley 10k gold to have a premade at your feet Tongue

[Image: G5wDEmO.jpg]

In the heart of othe jungle, venture awaits, cliff-jumping, live-saving all the wondrous perks of being an adventurer Wink

[Image: BlZbG27.jpg]

And so I'm sad to present what my friends over skype occupy themselves with, ruining Ony prequests, slaying great kings of men...

[Image: RV7vRsv.jpg]

Never amazed

[Image: 5WA5E4b.jpg]

Never awed, only in WoW are there pokemon fights of such scale !

[Image: dysemwM.jpg]

Yet our poor comrades in arms are nonetheless left to fester over the gluttony of undeads.

[Image: vBWvOT3.jpg]

Not to mention the use and abuse of our dummies ! One life they have ,and that which they spend relentlessly and mercilessly beaten and healed, and bruised and beaten again.

[Image: 0RRKwmw.jpg]

I did promise this server i'll acquire MY Felstriker legit one day, there you have it.

[Image: 3TTgHPo.jpg]

Dem crits, goodie goodie oh

[Image: qX225P2.jpg]

Well now, wouldn't you love Ashbringer on a hunter ? And the prover "any weapon is a hunter weapon !"

[Image: mWO1Ubj.jpg]

Lastly but not foremost, the beauty of hiding out in the open, thank you retro-wow for providing such an environment, community, platform and gameplay for us vanilla junkies.

See y'all in Azeroth if not IRL someday Smile

Iacopo off
[Image: CqYRF5e.jpg]
cat shield
Watch out iacopo has been known for hacking on feenix servers
Sup with that UI Rooda? That is a clusterf***
(10-16-2015, 06:57 PM)Oprawinfury Wrote: Sup with that UI Rooda? That is a clusterf***

slowly working on it my new ui is alot nicer
It just looks hard to play like that O.o
Obviously a pve ui opra ))

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