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[Image: 11844972_922215004515897_5797599601543129063_o.jpg][Image: 11884967_922215031182561_5481464428481495810_o.jpg][Image: 11894032_922215187849212_9016179718649814960_o.jpg][Image: 11834815_920821911321873_4223399612583393558_o.jpg][Image: 11872050_920825001321564_6008723578672024671_o.jpg][Image: 11700775_920824974654900_1302661121230941765_o.jpg]
[Image: 11894008_922299771174087_6972598576760062395_o.jpg]
[Image: 11875162_922299794507418_477452986928882065_o.jpg]
[Image: 11872212_922299814507416_8460338509724620456_o.jpg]
[Image: 11864812_932800676790663_7403145006643328418_o.jpg]
[Image: 10608655_932800683457329_1497501101623949316_o.png]
C'thun killed on the test realm

[Image: 1403122_932868256783905_6753026345913128544_o.jpg]
why would this be considered realm first, if its just the test realm?
Test realm first*
Kel'Thuzad killed after several attempts (Test Realm) The release date will be announced soon.

[Image: 10945842_933871423350255_5385618436381270940_o.jpg]
Great scripts ! Just did Ally Ony preq. today with a friend and got all these amazing scripts to work just fine, here's a sample Smile

[Image: ksTdpeY.jpg]

[Image: EuzaWrC.jpg]


[Image: Ruez1RP.jpg]

Indeed you are, all of you Smile)

[Image: E48t9eq.jpg]


[Image: krtwi8i.jpg]

[Image: 1TvVsGu.jpg]

Once again I come with Retro-Wow's marvellous scripts.

[Image: CSejPZU.jpg]

As proud as they come

[Image: rD7ycMF.jpg]

And sweat-drop if you may

[Image: 8Cmq0NB.jpg]

As some things you've to farm yourself ! Smile
welcome back mister Smile
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