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Can't by any means download the client.
I friend and I have been trying to use that ridiculously unnecessarily complicated MEGA mirror with no luck.
 First it says we can download on the browser, but it doesn't work on firefox. So we try on internet explorer, doesn't work either. We download chrome and the download started. We left it downloading and left.
     When we got back, the download stopped at 29% saying that blew our download capacity. But we had our accounts logged and it said we had 50GB... What ever. It then asks us to pay. No way.
     So we try downloading that MEGAsync thing. It's absolutely not self explanatory at all. We get lost trying to download the client.

     We gave up. Wished we could've played on this server.

     Suggestion: post different mirror other than 1 only (and decent ones)
We tried again today. MEGA simply prompts us to a warning saying something like:

"Please upgrade to PRO to continue immediately, or wait 8 h 41 min to continue for free."

Really? The server didn't think its mirror site through?

We'll find another one. Bye
Lol just find a torrent idiet
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GOOGLE: Wow client 1.12.1 Eng
than donwload any 1.12.1 client, chance realmlist and log in.


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