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Give Scholomance normal Loot again

As we all know, at the moment all bosses in Scholomance only drop these "Boss Tokens"; 10 of them are supposed to be handed in for 250 g (laughtable, because that equals 10 boss kills in Scholomance, and dont forget, you roll with the other players aswell). Nobody does Scholomance for gold, because its is just not worth it. On the other hand normal loot that originaly dropped from scholo bosses is no longer obtainable. I speak about the "Ace of Portals" (at the moment not obtainable in game) or the flask recipe from Raz Frostwhisperer. Even quest items from bosses cant be obtained at the moment, because all the boss loot is removed.

I suggest to give scholomance its normal old loot back, RFC makes sense to be a gold farm instance because it is a low lvl instance, but scholomance isnt, and scholomance isnt even worth the time. So pls change this! Smile

+1 Support
+1 plz make it normal i want to farm the rare epics that can drop there like headmaster's charge staff

this basically sums it up
Please do this. New players can farm Scourge Tokens here and,
also so I can finally get my hands on [Headmaster's Charge].
Do it for her.
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