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Buff the healers.
I know it's a 5x raids n stuff
but in every raid there's a paladin
there's no one doing his job better for the mana he uses
like cmon, 35 mana , for rank 1 flash of light that heals 500 + 
What is this ,
checking the rest of the healers, well they have to do a lot more work, even tho thinking which spell at which rank when or how to do so, i mean they are not complicated but it takes a effort to heal right with them otherwise u run oom, even with t3 shaman i can run oom like dog on easy raids, while paladin with starter gear maintains more mana

i love to heal in raids but i struggle when it's not paladin so please, i'd love if you guys buff the rest of the healers a bit so it's not only paladins every game , furiously mashing flash of lights > .> 
im playing from a year or more here with breaks , but i remember there was a nerf to the paladins, well yea. also for minimum of 6 months raiding i've seen 3 times shamans , 2 druis and 2 priests in naxx, what is this >_>
GREAT guide!
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Shamans, druids, and priests can heal naxx, it's simply that the "better" players with experience play naxx with those classes because they know how to not be bad, while others have to stick to paladin because it's derp class with healing

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