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Modnar's Starter-only 1v1 event! APPLICATIONS CLOSED! EVENT FULL!
The reward will be 25k **35k! gold split between the top 3
It will be moderated by Retro-WoW Staff and myself.

The Event Location will be at Coordinates 30/55 in Ashenvale. It has a very unique aesthetic that I believe players will enjoy, and the setup is very good for duels.

The maximum number of participants will be 32 players.

The tournament will take place on March 4th @ 10PM Server Time.


*All classes and specs are allowed

*Ret paladins are NOT allowed to pre-stack reckoning before fights. Mages no combustions stacks, and shamans aren't allowed to pre-proc wf etc.

*You will only be allowed to use STARTER GEAR, D1/Pre-Raid BIS from the vendors.
This means no items you must pay gold for whatsoever. Everything must be purchasable from the vendor for free. (PvP Trinket is the exception, you are allowed your classes PvP trinket.)
*You may not change any piece of gear during/after your first duel. The gear you start the tournament in will be the gear you end the tournament in. No exceptions.*
You may change weapons ONLY.

*PvP Trinkets ARE ALLOWED. It will be unfair without for some class v class scenarios. This is the only gold item I will allow.

*Enchanted gear is strictly prohibited.

*Warlocks CANNOT Use Fel Dom! After extended thought, it would be unfair to allow fel dom without allowing mage food, which I won't do.

*Rogue Poisons Allowed, Warlock healthstones allowed (only for the warlocks), etc. allowed.

*There will be no use of professions allowed, this includes engineering, first aid etc., just as well, potions and flasks are not allowed.

*Food is not allowed whatsoever, no graccus, no mage food, no morning glory dew or roasted turkey etc., no exceptions.

*Noggenfogger is not allowed

*Self-buffs ONLY. NO SCROLLS

*The area of choice for the event will have LoS, you WILL be allowed to use this to your advantage.

*You are allowed to mount, however, you are not allowed to; Counterspell warrior to counter charge.
Rogue vs Rogue fights; You will start destealthed, both players.
Warrior vs Warrior fights; Neither player is allowed to charge initially. Bloodrage intercept is allowed.

*If a player is caught interfering in an ongoing duel in any form, they are DQ'd

*If you break any of the above rules, you will be disqualified, no questions asked. You are told when entering to read the rules, it is not my fault if you neglected to do so.


1st Place will recieve 13750g **19250g
2nd Place will recieve 7500g **10500g
3rd Place will recieve 3750g **5250g

Thanks to a generous donation to the pot of 5000g by Vectarion, and another 5000g by myself, the total prize pool is now 35000g!

If you have any questions, or think I left out any rules, or have a good idea for a zone to host the event in, let me know. 

I'd prefer it to be hosted purely in the gurubashi arena but I'm not positive if that's possible.

If you are willing to take place in the event, please put your character's name and class in your response stating you'd like to take part. Thank you.

Currently 32/32 Slots.

Tournament Standings:

First round will be 16 1v1's - Best of 1 // Group Stages A
Second round will be 8 1v1's - Best of 1 // Group Stages B
Third round will be 4 1v1's - Best of 3 // Quarter Final
Fourth round will be 2 1v1's - Best of 3 - 3rd Place decider // Semi Final
Final round will be 1 1v1 - Best of 5 - 1st/2nd Place decider // Grand Final

The initial brackets are completely random, I have no control over results and outcomes,

Names of participating players so far: 
Ramzgoesloco - Shaman
Bulra - Shaman
Rotor - Shaman
Naps - Rogue
Monpiety - Rogue
Sunqt - Rogue
Kawasumiqt - Rogue
Arcosa - Rogue
Envik - Rogue
Booline - Rogue
Vespasion - Druid
Dms - Mage
Lelex - Mage
Zonee - Mage
Lolv - Mage
Yeesz - Mage
Alca - Mage
Believe - Mage
Lolstuck - Mage
Darkside - Priest
Juanvsjuan - Priest
Kimlarsen - Priest
Kekmen - Warlock
Dotfgt - Warlock
Prisomx - Warlock
Gozustarter - Warlock
Ctrlaltdel - Warrior
Inwarlimit - Warrior
Fishhunter - Hunter
Salazir - Hunter
Adolar - Paladin
Vectarian - Paladin
Prospector lvl 60 shaman
Name : Sunqt
Age : 22
Religion : Me
Class : Rogue
Those rules make it flat out impossible for some classes. Might still join on an alt but not sure. GL though.


(02-27-2017, 08:28 PM)Prisom Wrote: Those rules make it flat out impossible for some classes. Might still join on an alt but not sure. GL though.

I fail to see how?
(02-27-2017, 08:41 PM)modnar Wrote:
(02-27-2017, 08:28 PM)Prisom Wrote: Those rules make it flat out impossible for some classes.  Might still join on an alt but not sure. GL though.

I fail to see how?

Warriors are way to weak as in d1, any how, good thread, +1. 

Name: Ipolyl0l
Age: Too underaged for sunqt 2 touch me
Religion: Bam is my lord and savior 
Class: Gnome  Mage xd
[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]

Dibs on commentating and live streaming
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
(02-27-2017, 09:24 PM)Gnawbone Wrote: Dibs on commentating and live streaming

You should also play ;3

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