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more npc to duel zone

I made a ticket a few months ago with suggestions for npcs like the auctioneer, banker etc to be added into the duel zone, which happened but i think there is still a few more that I would appreciate being added.

Over the last few months I've really started to like the duel zone especially since the new additions with the Bank/Auctioneer. I like to hang out there more often than staying at the mall, less populated bigger/better place to duel and scenery is cooler (imo). Most of the times I queue for wsg/ab are in the duel zone now, and after long periods of farming egy, my bg hp and mana pots run out because i dont have pocket healer like ipoly, so after i've played a few games I always have to teleport back to hyjal, and resupply on these items and when playing on rogue, the poisons are also something i need to resupply on every now and then.

So I ask if these NPC's could be added to the duel zone:
-The battleground vendors which supply the BG Hp/Mana pots (and also other rep gear)
- A poison supply vendor
- The raid/questporter's 
- Morph NPC's
I'm sure I could be missing some but for now this is all I suggest.

Ty (chur),
This should be accepted purely on the basis of the servers best memer making a thoughtful and well written post
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
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Misc and poison vendors have replaced the repair vendor, and Morphs have been added to the duel zone.

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