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Battleground get pretty boring from time to time, especially during late hours on the east cost since not that many people are on. It would be really cool if we can have custom 2v2 arenas but make it random solo que. It gives 10 Pvp tokens if you win and 1 token if you lose and a bit of gold.
On paper it sounds nice, but in reality it won't, lets be honest, I get queued with a T3 full BiS mage(or any other caster with retard burst) for example, he just insta pompyro someone + my reckbomb/seal of command proc, that's easily 10k + DMG done under 1 global cooldown, forget it no one will want to queue facing teams like that not even fun for anyone lol... Vanilla has been designed with a huge population in PvP not for little Skirmishes likes today wow.
^ what Kamil said.
@Kamil, thats what a huge part of wow community believe and i agree, but not completly.

I agree if players fighting are discovering vanilla or allready know vanilla but still dont have enough experienced in pvp, or know vanilla and have experience in pvp but are simply not made for arenas.
Let's face it, some people are just not good at some aspect of the game; for instance you ask me to lvl up a char i will take 1 year to go lvl 60, others will take 1 month.

Now against a pom pyro, they are so many things you can do to counter it ?

Divine Shield
Fire Ward (that can actually reflect the spell if you took the mage talent)
Shield from priest isnt a total counter but it absorbs allready a lot of damage.

Then against the reckbomb, we just have to find a way not to allow any pally to be stack before any fight, this way the ennemy team can decide not to stakc him during the fight if for instance that pally is in the same team as a burst class/spec (like a pompyro mage). A reckbomb without stacks will most likely become a healer if he s not under attack, otherwise he wont be very efficient and he's burst teammate will take huge damage because burst classes/spec are easy to kill.
So the burst team become a fire mage with a pompyro that he mustnt fail or he become very exposed, and a ret that isnt stack by the ennemy with very low damage.

My point is, if 4 good players are fighting or 6 players in 3v3, almot anything is possible.

I made 2v2 and 3v3 events few months ago, people that started with me though the same as you do, and tbh i wasnt sure as well if arenas was meant for vanilla regarding of the gameplay.

At first some teams won easily against others, but slowly the losing teams started to change their strategy, starting to focus this one instead, or to deal a huge burst instead of being more defensive, or that healer started to los instead of being in the midle : There is 1000 way to change a teamfight and surprise your opponent in vanilla.
  Eventually after few nights spent doing those 2v2 and 3v3, we almost had a balance.
A very nice one, but ofc, some teams couldnt beat some others no matter what; but that happen in every wow expansion doesnt it.
  And btw, im truly confident that with more fight, way more team can change almost any encounters to win. 3 weeks of practice isnt enough to discover everything at all, especially vanilla arenas, that require a lot of time to anderstand, and way more to master.

The only difference in vanilla to get the balance in arenas is that :

First, nobody tried that before so we have to invent from ourselves the strategy and an entire system of gameplay for every team against every team.

Then, its harder; i admit it. Its way harder to create that balance because the skill of people must be higher than in any expansion; And that skill and that ability to adapt to all situations is the main variable to make fights balance and interesting. In other expansions skill is ofc a variable, but not that important to have fun.
  In vanilla, its the core of it and you cant have fun without putting effort and time on it.

But isnt why we love vanilla tho, isnt why people love the fact that you need to spend hours to lvl, or be 40 in a raid, try hard bosses for months. I mean thats vanilla; its not the skill its the effort you make that directly create the amount of fun you will get. Create a 40 men raid with a strong community of players that respect each other and work together to kill bosses; thats the kind of effort that make people appreciate pve.

And it's the same thing for vanilla arenas that are not kown yet; because the effort is under a different shape that the pve's effort. Pve's hard part is time and patience; the pvp's effort is time but also skill. Pve need some skill ofc but way less, lets be honest.

The fact that the skillcap is higher to make arenas balance than in any other expansion can indeed be a bad side, well because not everyone can actually enjoy it, but on the other side if you are willing to make the effort, you can do amazing fights with your team mate and use your creativity to improve every day.

And its actually thanks to the fact that its hard and complex, that arenas can be an entire area of freedom for dedicated players. And vanilla players are the most dedicated players i've ever seen. The freedom to imagine always your playstyle against all the different team/spec you may fight . Vanilla players are made to play arenas because vanilla players are the kind of players that spent 4hours to farm consummable for raids, or months and months for a small increase of their stats with r14 or r13.
   And when they will see the perplexity (sup sup) of arenas in vanilla, they will spend hours and hours to train and figure out what are all the ways to kill your opponent.

And from that patience vanilla players, will born the genius and create people aware of the situation. Because in a 10v10 situation due to the fact that a lot of players or playing together and against each other, there is no real opportunity to see directly if what happened happened because of you, or not.
  Because a lot of players are together, and its simply very hard to imagine what you did, or what you had to do.

In arenas only 6 players are here, not 20. And the very fact of that number being less important makes you realise more what is happening, and more importantly what are you responsible for.
 You are with 2 mates, and what you do will impact directly the game, and thats why your vision of yourself is improved.
   You begin to anderstand more way to survive longer...
   You begin to look at your ennemies and their action, because you realise that there are probably focusin you, since the number of players is reduced.
    You begin to look at your friends and their action, because you realise that if they die, the chances that you die is higher.
    And you begin to look at your class and what are the actions you could have made differently, because you realise how important you are for the fights.

Reducing the number of players in teamfights makes you realise those 3 things, and thats the 3 things that transform a random player, into a good one.
In huge fights, the power of one man isnt a huge part of the fight, and thats because the player knows that fact that he doesnt try harder. And thats why he doesnt improve.

People create things when they need something, if the player doesnt need to improve his gameplay on huge teamfights, he wont do it.
  Let's create that need with arenas, let the player feels how important he is, and begin to improve himself.

  Thats why i know that arenas in vanilla will work; and i know it can be hard to see that idea sometimes, because that idea is completly new. And the game got 12 years old, so its hard to make people believe that they know nothing about it.
  But if they accept it, they will see the freedom those arenas can give them. And i know vanilla players will accept this challenge for sure. Their curiosity and ego will actually make them accept and love that idea .

The idea of a place that makes people realise directly who are the best players

Cheers for the effort in typing this long text and trying to convince us Smile.

Unfortunately I still think that vanilla arena shouldn't happen.

The counter mechanics to survive a pom pyro mage or a deathcoil shadowbolt shadowburn combo are just...

If you are lucky you will survive a pom pyro attack by a mage while your healer is silenced. Most likely you wont survive.

Imagine two mages joining the arena, or 2 warlocks or whatnot - complete madness. Double DPS combos worked well in TBC too, but they had their limits thanks to resilience and not being able to 1shot any1 as in vanilla with Naxx/BIS gear.

To make arena work in vanilla we would need some sort of scalation or item limit to reduce the ridiculous amount of dmg compared to the HP pool. I won't dive too deep into that, because I've already created a topic about limiting PVP Gear to BWLish Gear. But people who rely on their T3 two button combos are against that idea.
i've tested arenas man: it works. I dont anderstand how you can be so sure about something you havent even tested tbh  Shy

A matewill record some fights soon since i started to make some 2v2 and 3v3 event again, then you guys will see with your own eyes how can a team that is losing in the begining, can win with efforts and time.
I've had some really good 2vX 3vX fights these would be easier to obtain if there was an arena system
anyone who played vanilla pvp at any level, especially if you are a bit competitive, would agree with implementation of arena in vanilla. it's not like it hurts anyone who doesn't want it anyway. it will only enhance the pvp experience. vanilla is the earliest version of wow, if you compare it with other expansions you'd probably agree that there were many things that could've been implementend/modified/removed but it was in its early stage and blizzard didn't really know exactly where to go with it. looking back. it would be a great attraction for the server too i reckon, it's unique, and i know many pvpers who would be interested.

@mow and others who are scared of being oneshot. there are ways to counter any "hard&quick-dps-combo" who goes in with the expectation of destroying the target on first global cooldown. the smartest team will win unless rng hits in. now, some teams might have some advantage, especially if the skill level is somewhat equal, but that'll be the nature of vanilla arena too.  stuff isn't as balanced, but the skill determines mostly everything (considering the gear gap is not massive).

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