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Arrows and Bullets in Vendors.
Suggestion: In the bags and misc npc vendor and the repair vendor - instead of having only jagged arrows (13+ dmg), remove them and have the Doomshot arrows (+20dmg) and the Miniature Cannon Balls (+20.5 dmg) for bullets. I think this would be a good addition for new players who are unaware that the ranged weapon vendor has the more superior bullets/arrows.

Also in the Ranged Weapon Vendor npc I think the Rockshard pellets (18dmg bullets) should be either removed  or swapped in position with the Miniature Cannon Balls(+20.5 dmg bullets). I have seen alot of people using the wrong bullets /arrows and think this would be a good addition

[Image: YDRJu]
+1, I think this would help a lot of starting players as well, good idea Sal.
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Will be available next restart.

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