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I have been on this server for about a month and a half. I pvp most of the time, I know some of you guys in game and some might recognize me as my rogue or my night elf warrior Dentric. I most raid as much as I can.
A Little background about myself, I will put it as bullets to make it easier instead of writing a giant Paragraph.
- Been playing wow since I was 14 years old, I am 25 right now.
- Live in New York City
- I have a bachelors in Economics and going for my masters as well as getting a bachelors in Accouting
- Worked at wall street for a few years at a few different banks
- Currently I work private, I am a Investment Analyst/ adviser.
- Hobbies include: gaming, racing, working on cars, gym, cooking, movies, sports 
    - I and a few other friends have a track day racing club, we have over 4000 members, I usually go to different track 
      days as often as I can. Currently drive a few different cars, but Its been roughly 8 months since I got a chance to go.
    - Been working on Cars since I was a kid, all thanks to my grandfather
    - I rarely watch sports unless its an important one, but I do play American football, Rugby, Basketball, Football               (soccer). I have been playing American football since I was a kid, Played 2 years at university level, but due to a 
      bad injury I could not continue anymore. 
    - Currently am training for power lifting competition, I have been to 3 different meets so far, and my next one 
      should be this December. 

I hope I get to meet everyone and have a good time on this server, It has brought back a lot of memories especially me trying to grind out Grand Marshal title, like I tried to do in vanilla and getting a chance to do Naxx. Back day I only did 2 wings and the guild I was apart of broke up. I still play retail from time to time, I have been Gladiator in TBC, WOTLK, as a hunter, and I tried in MOP as a MW monk. Still trying to adjust to classic play style even after almost 2 months of playing here. 

CYA guys around on forums and in game. Smile
You're one of those guys that makes me feel like a true lazy bastard.

Fair play though Smile
(05-13-2016, 07:40 AM)Soulscard Wrote: You're one of those guys that makes me feel like a true lazy bastard.

Fair play though Smile

LMAO, sorry mang. I am always available if you need any help or advice
nice to meet you mang
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