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Just the word on the street
Hello again,
The word on the street from a good number of the more serious raiders that I talk to about progression etc, all seem to have said at one time or another. How much they would really enjoy the server a lot more if we had a few 10Man raids I.E AQ40, Naxx. Being able to utilize every class and not having to make a certain group for a certain fight then after that fight having to change it up again etc. I personally think the idea of the top content being 10 man is genius. Yes, you can argue well the population hasn't been the greatest the past few weeks, but everyone should of known with those servers opening it was going to happen for minute. I know the dreaded time consuming scaling from 40M to 5M was a process and process still being worked on today. Maybe on a test realm you guys could set up a few bosses of what you guys believe 10M #s should be and let some of us try it out. I have had numerous people bring it up so I brought it to the table.. Thanks - Eyeless

Point I forgot to add - 10M raids we get more people playing enjoying them selfs then not being able to get a group or get into one and just quit.
I stand beside Eternal.I vote for the 10man raiding squad for AQ40&Naxx.It will be better to get more people in a raid.10 man raids like that would be nice for the community of the server.
This could be done later when we got more players online.

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