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Premades need to go
On a server with 40-100 people where most of the content is pvp. Premades make the game extremely unfun for the majority of players. Queueing into the same team over and over with flasks and t3 vs players starting out does no one any good. On a server with thousands of players it makes sense to allow premades because there will be many more people queueing but with so few and only 2 warsongs going on at the same time it can really ruin it. The solo queue system does a fine job of matching people and should be left at that. Also, the argument that it's "blizzlike" is invalid because you can buy tier 3 from a vendor for gold on here.
go arena, or use the opportunity to make friends and group with them to even things out
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
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Ravens, you cannot speak for the "majority of players" especially when this is literally your only post on this forum so far.

While I believe queing with 9 other people is a bit overkill, that is still their choice. It is also your choice to get a group to fight back.

Take the time to form your own group like the other group has, and you'll realize quickly how easily these premades are beaten with some coordination of your own.

I understand where you're coming from, and believe me it sucks when you get into a match and one person says "We're vs prem, we better lose quickly."  I hate to see people give up like that; but that's because they're convinced that a premade is unbeatable; which is NOT the case AT ALL. With some effort, a premade easily dissolves with any hint of resistance.
You have to understand that they're only a team of gear, not brains.

Again, with all due respect, you cannot make these grand claims.
(01-16-2016, 11:12 PM)Ravens Wrote: Also, the argument that it's "blizzlike" is invalid because you can buy tier 3 from a vendor for gold on here.

What has it to do with vendors? It the concept of the server... You sound egoistic
Yep, I agree.

Have plus.

Ps; don't listen to Lavz he overuses fancy words n shit to legitimize bs reasoning
Okay so first of all attacking me personally isn't a good way to prove your point...
Anyway, On a server with 40-100 people on where you can get BiS from just gold it does cause issues because new players won't even stand a chance. How do people with starter gear make their own pre-made vs BiS with flasks at 6-7k+ hp? On retail people with t3 or warlord gear were very rare so it wasn't an issue but on here not only do you have that BUT easy flasks so people are jacked vs normal pugs. I haven't seen ANY pug beat the pre-made ever.

The fact that ally and horde queue together should be good enough to split teams up and make it fair. When there's one warsong going with 10 people having fun and 10 basically afking that's a BIG issue for such a small server. I've even spoken to the people running the pre-mades and they think it's unfair but they do it because they can.
Ok, I'll use dumb words for you.

I made a char here less than 2 months ago. Doing nothing but WSG to gear myself. Sometimes prem. Sometimes not.

In any case, I didn't have any trouble because I'm not bad at playing this game.

My advice to you; stop crying. git gud.

That simple enough for you?

(01-17-2016, 06:06 PM)Ravens Wrote: I haven't seen ANY pug beat the pre-made ever. 

There's a very simple reason for this. It's because you're either lying, or you don't try hard enough. I've beaten plenty of prems with pugs. It happens pretty often. And when it does, the premade usually disbands.

Also, the only reason I'm defending premades is because if you take that away, I won't be able to group with 1 or 2 of my friends. That's not cool.
So yes, I'm here defending my right to que with a couple friends because you want to take that away.
take away premades, take away all stuns and slows from classes, also, all damage spells and consumables

it'd be 100% fair if you could only heal and be friends and a magic rainbow appears with unicorm

oh wait, we're playing a competitive game, I forgot those ARENT FAIR ON PURPOSE

like lavz say git gud
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
This server has made HUGE strides from when I first started back in Feburary 2015. ( Eternal was my other forum account, can't remember the password and the retrieving system is not working correctly any who) But to see someone who has obviously just been here for less than a month to come in and start crying about WSG and not being able to gear.. is just down right ignorant.. There are so many ways to gear on this server without having to BG right off the bat. I killed whorehounds for the first month of playing on this server so I feel no sympathy when it comes to the whole Pre made have to go bullshit, its a simple matter get into a guild or make your own guild and start queuing.. or oh yeah don't be anti social and make friends...
Again attacking me is real mature and shows how grown up you guys are.
In a week i've gotten full t2.5 and all the pre-naxx gear. So please don't act like it's hard to gear.

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