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Since we're all waiting on forums...
Most OP class in Vanilla? Top 2 candidates and WHY they are the top 2.
I vote rogue and mage. Not only do these 2 have great CC capabilities, plenty of utility, and high pve dps averages, but they are the two best examples of skillcap class. If you are terrible, it will show for sure, but to TRULY master these classes in and out takes a lot of playtime, pvp encounters, and a fast thinking mind. If played right a rogue can leave people in stunlocks with no chance of leaving (save a mage, ofc). If that doesn't scream OP, I don't know what does.

What do YOU think, Retro-WoW?
for classes i say rogue and druid, because rogue cc and dudus get to be cats
for real the retro wow hidden OP is any shaman with sulfuras, because here for some reason you can cast sulfuras proc while moving, making shamans single handedly best kiter in game with effective on the go damage.
what does op think?
I would have to say pocket healer and warrior. So annoying.
On another note, did everyone else lose their auction house items they had for sale? Sucks I had some flasks up for sale and lost them it seems.
Sulfuras is actually subpar to MoM for enhance, to be honest. The proc isn't worth losing top end damage at all, and its not like you can click the wep to cast fireballs over and over, the proc still has to occur from a swing. To be honest, I barely use my HoR, and am barely enhance.

Ele being OP on the other hand, that I can CERTAINLY agree with!
meellee hunter ar e best class for play )
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Srsly, this class is standing alone at the top.
Spelldmg rogues are annoying as fuck too.
In theory, a enha shaman could get endless WF procs so enha shaman is the most OP class in the game.

As to just prove my point I 1 shot a full T3 warrior a few times with WF procs, yes a few times not once a few times.
I agree with Opra's opening comment about rogue and mage. Most OP classes if played by the right people. However, a good druid is also really OP. Best druid i know, Vapid.

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