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Recent Daily Quest Additions
Okay so, you guys delivered so hard with this new content for us. It is adding a new layer to the server that we really needed. It is also bringing back a LOT of older familiar faces we have not seen in a long time. Who doesn't like transmog? Who doesn't like more flasks? It's great! 

So I'll keep this short and constructive.

Vanilla wow is an item/consume based meta. The gameplay revolves around it entirely. Yes you need to know what you're doing but you need to have some items to back it up. Looking at this situation as a brand new player on a 5man raid server with 2 days resets, there is NO WAY you can afford to keep buying flasks and consumes for a raid every 2 days with a ***** start here. People have been playing here for over half a decade and prices are high it's natural. Having a raid quest where you can have more than 5 people killing a boss for some potentially bis loot, flasks, and just liquid gold is the answer new players have been waiting for here. It finally provides a streamlined way to get right in on the action with a pre raid bis character fighting along side a full world buffed bis character that's not just tagging along in an MC for binds or a ZG for the buff. It provides REAL GAMEPLAY. 

So we am I talking about this so much? 
Counselor paid us a visit in Duskwood and I wish I could have stayed to talk longer but people were hyped and ready to kill the next boss. 
Most players here understand that these new bosses are scaled for 5 man, and yea a good 5 man comp can totally handle it no problem. But the reason why I have been going around with a raid of 15 people is because of what I said above. It just feels great to have an option outside of AV where more than 10 people can beat on a boss on this server. 

Solution to provide intended gameplay? There's a few!

1. Clone the bosses, put them in AC, provide a high gold reward and designate it as the 5man area and don't let people complete the quest for the 5man area version if they are in a raid group. Add like 100k HP to the bosses in the open world.

2. Add some kind of 5man leaderboard maybe for fastest kill as a 5man? get it a little competitive!

3. Leave it alone and let the community decide how they are feeling at that moment, or if it's just a few people on late at night they have the option to still get these dailies done. 

Thanks for indulging my thoughts!

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