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Use low level dungeons
All dungeons in vanilla wow are well crafted compared to the rest of the in-game world. I would like to do them more. It has been many years since I did the low level dungeons.

Suggestion: Do what you did for RFC but also add a cooldown: Scale up the low level dungeons to level 60. Add a porter NPC to these dungeons. Add a gold farm quest to the dungeon that requires you killing bosses in there. Also, in order for it to remain f r e s h; add either a raid ID with cooldown or a cooldown to the related gold quest.

This may be a larger undertaking but I really do think this it would be great for the server, all the current gold quests are a bit boring. A longer cooldown (1week+) would work nicely. The gold reward should match CI gold farm, which is about 800gold per 10min with BIS group and 800g per 30min with D1 group.

PS. The cooldown is a must otherwise players will farm the same dungeon over and over, negating the whole point of keeping things f r e s h ^^ (the word "f-resh" got blured?)

Best regards, Durzi
I absolutely love this idea. New pve content would be amazing. I hope this happens.
If I dare say, I would love there to be both extremely challenging and normal content.
For those pve’rs that have cleared naxx one too many times, having a new raid that’s extremely challenging would be so much fun
This would be such a great idea.

Honestly just a level and HP/armor buff to some mobs/bosses in dungeons would make this awesome, kinda like how in cata they buffed up SFK and Deadmines. Agreed no need to add loot, just up the gold, add quests, maybe reward recipe tokens or something. But yeah putting a raid lock out on it would be real good too, and maybe make them scaled a little.
For example:
Wailing Caverns doable in prebis
Blackfathom Deeps doable in MC/BWL gear
Razorfen Downs doable in Pre-Naxx Bis
Scarlet Monastery doable as bis.

All that would need to be added is like one or two mechanics to each boss maybe to change it up a bit.

Great idea would love to see this in the future.
Good idea!

The only thing I'd like to add is that I don’t want the standard loot tables to be destroyed Smile
Some people do low level dungeons to get some stuff for RP and looks Smile
ye what dov said is a good call, maybe just up gold add a token or something.
There are a lot of bored full bis. Give them new challenge! I would love to play a revamped Deadmines, Stockade and similar maybe with some reward (Flask, rare pet/mount with low droprate, recipe, etc. but with cooldown to prevent wild farming)
There are a lot of new players too with some trouble to get new equip or join raid. You can give them some new opportunities to have fun. Zul Farrak revamped can give more fun than farming ogre Wink
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