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new pvp set
What about a new pvp set with minor stats improvement, and some new loooks. People would be able to get it through arena marks and combined av/ab/wsg marks maybe.I think this would revive pvp a lot and new people would join just for the competitive thing of it. Smile

for example you could put it for 40 k gold per piece/400 arena tokens/40av/40/ab/40wsg marks or something like this, so people can't start grinding again.
Nah, I don't like it at all. It is not that PVP is boring as is, the entire server is just too low in population. As I am writing this there is 1 full AV going and 1 full WSG. That is 60 players in battlegrounds out of 152 players online server-wide.

However, I think the server is very good in terms of PVP, considering the low population. BG weekends are great for keeping things going.

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