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new players - new content - bugs correction
Hello everyone, 

Since few months, I spoke with some peoples of the server and we all have the same point of view that is : we need new players and new content ! So I will propose some suggestions to achieve this goal and I really hope you will react/comment because our message need to be seen by the GM. 

1) Getting new players
Since wow official is out, we have seen a massive decrease of the population on retro wow. We went from 1K online to 150-200 online. I think that population is the most important things of the server, I mean having a lot of people mean a bigger community, more raids, more bg and more activity. So I think that GM, devs need to market more our lovely server. Maybe each month, they can launch a campaign with 5% of the donation they received from the server. On top of that, if the donation for the server aren't enough, I propose that GM create a wallet in which all people will be able to contribute by giving some $/euros in order to market our server. And I think this solution is not bad because every month people will be able to donate meaning we can market the server really often.

2) More content 

As many people say, PVE token need to be more valuable. We need also to give arena more visibility, people never go in arena but i think if they exchange arena token with some gear like T2/T2.5 and why not T3 this will be much more interesting. 
Some transmog would be sick !
I  want to also add, that we need more events and not only race events. We need PVE and PVP events, it allow people to interact much more and it give in a certain way an healthy server. For the pvp/pve events we can do some :

- 1V1 duel
- 2V2/3V3 
- wild pvp in gurubashi 
- fight against 4-6 naxx boss 
and so on i let u add some ideas here !
3) Correction of the bugs 

Well I think that since 1-2 years people reported some bugs on the server. So we would like to have a server without spell bugs. From my side (rogue part) I have noticed that we cannot vanish certains spell and trinket like : 

- impossible to vanish hoj
- impossible to vanish blind
- impossible to vanish tidal 

To conclude this post,  I want that you react to this post by using the same structure :

1) getting new players
2) content
3) bugs 

In each section, tell if you are agree or not, and add some ideas/comments
I wish you all a good day. 
Sheindrir.   Big Grin
Do you know what is totally incomprehensible? It is that the universe is understandable.
starting here with this suggestion would be a big start to attract more PvEers

I love vanilla PvP but i came to this server for the 5 man raids and i cant get any groups going outside of my guild, except at prime time, but even then, eh.

Great points Shein.
Thumbs Up 

I think the server should aim for a 500 average population instead of the current 150. This should be enough to keep several BGs active 24/7 and to keep "/world LFM" healthy.

Right before Classic the average population reached 1k but this made the server laggy and attracted a lot of bots and gold sellers. Also, any significant recruitment/population will put the server on a notice list for a Blizzard take-down (the server is currently not worth bothering with for them).
ye, the server suggestions sounds great! Devs please put some work in, the population is dieng! we need more people to stay and play.
+1000 please!

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