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Hello 26 year old male from USA here, planning on rolling a orc warrior, I see that raids have been changed to work with a 5 man raid party, if anybody or any guilds would be willing to take a newbie on to show me the ropes with the 5 mans it'd be greatly appreciated. I'll be a very active player being that I'm currently unable to work due to a bad shoulder. I'm also very interested in PVP as well.

Edited because after reading server info it actually answered most of my questions besides for asking about if there's a decent amount of NA players on this server?
Welcome to the RetroWoW!
Welcome on board! Smile
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"Light Be With You"
Hey Smile and welcome <3
Hello there! We americans are a bit out numbered here, some of our peak hours arent as active as euros, still got some solid peoples though.

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