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Eggheads vs Bullies. 1 vs 1 PVP EVENT with quiz elemetns [1th April 21:00 ST]
[Image: n2Sq4nx.png]

The winner of the event takes 10 000 gold, the second place - 3000 gold.


01.04.2021 21:00 ST.
Invitation starts at 20:30 ST. Whisper Dovlatov.

Mulgore Duel Zone
[Image: D21mYrY.jpg]

How it works

1. You start the duel, but don't attack each other.

2. I ask you a question. The questions will come from different areas. Not necessarily about WoW.

3. After I asked the question, you are allowed to attack each other.

4. The player wins if he defeats his o
pponent in duel or gives the correct answer before his opponent (whichever comes first).

5. You're out if you loose.

All classes, spells, items and abilities are allowed except:
- Curse of Tongues
Play soul link tab out and google answer whilst enemy still hasnt killed you.
Retired retro wow legend.

The best to ever do it.

Never lost a duel, 90% AV win rate.

Cya on classic tbc x

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