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noob lock here
Sup everyone, some of you probably know me on my undead warlock 'pyramid head' as I've been playing on this server for some time now. I have met many awesome people on this server and have many memorable experiences that I will never forget. Wanted to give a shoutout to all of the wonderful people I've gotten the chance to play with over the years (there's too many to name, you all know who you are though!)

I don't plan on quitting Retro as I may have told some of my friends in the past, since I would miss you all too much (promise I'm not looking for attention, just don't plan on being nearly as active as I have been for the past year), which is one of the reasons why I have been giving away my consumables to my fellow WoW players. 

My goal is to help out as many people as possible to have the best experience Retro has to offer, so if you see me in-game don't be shy to send me a message about whatever it may be. 

Have a wonderful day/night everyone, I look forward to continue to have fun times with all of you that I have gamed with over the past year or so. Smile)
Hey, it's Pyramidhead! He's one of the few close friends I have in Retro-wow, and also one of the nicest people I met in the game.

You should come to Korea one day when Corona ends Big Grin

I wish you good luck in real life bro, and hope to see you in the game more often.

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