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Make Scholomance Great Again
I humbly ask that you consider reverting/changing Scholomance to be solo'able like all other pre-raid instances.

I asked GM Bam and he said he would bring it up to Kelzo if I made a suggestion thread and it got traction, so people of Retro-WoW please reply below to signal your support!

Here are the benefits:
1) Farm lifestealing enchant:
2) Farm supreme power flask recipe:
3) Farm Headmaster's Charge, whose 20 intellect group buff STACKS with mage AI:
4) Farm Ace of Portals
5) Farm Dark Runes (like demonic runes, but are tradable)
6) Make it easier to do Scholomance quests, like the quest to get Barov Peasant Caller:

1) Will require some effort on the part of the GMs to scale the content down
2) Players will no longer be able to do the retro-quest there, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've seen two people ever advertise a group for it in the many years I've been playing on this server, so I highly doubt anyone will be upset with this change.

I have no doubt that the Scholomance will be far more popular if scaled down like other dungeons than it is in its present form.

Thank you for your consideration.
Im all for it!
It is a very good idea to make retrowow more complete.
Thanks for making this thread!
Dear administration! today I ran into this pro-break (inability to grind the sp recipe). This is a big problem for players, especially beginners, please bring back the old sholomance. I apologize for the English, I am writing through a translator
would be a big fan of this happening, I do understand the retro wow staff probably put a lot of work into their version of school and its a shame no one ever runs it, but yea no one ever goes here.

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