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BoE Epics
Can add BoE epics to the shop/vote rewards or increase drop chance please, for months never seen items I would like to buy on the AH.
or could add a Vendor to Hyjal Mall <3
I agree
I agree. I can't buy BoE because never are on AH
Grab your sword and fight the Horde!.
Uncle Lothar wants YOU!.
i've been thinking about this myself. for instance i want stronghold gauntlets, no one is farming for the stuff we need to make them. i don't want to settle for generalised pve gear i want to make my toon how i want it. ok i sound a bit whiny lol but playing ret in pvp these gloves are a must. i would have to make an army of alts and level alch to get the mats needed to craft them by transmuting. either that or wait 15 days to gather the amount needed with 1 toon. it takes long enough to grind out the other gear needed, i don't mind donating but i feel like i'm being forced into it to be able to make any sort of progress in a timely fashion. hopefully you add a vendor since there isn't even a market for this kinda stuff anyways. having arcanite reaper from a vendor kinda supports this request
I was thinking maybe we could have boe epics obtainable in a unique way. World Pvp tokens and Faction leaders dropped world pvp tokens and a small chance of other things. Going to make my own thread about it.

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