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NPC Buffers

I was thinking about buffs mechanics to be buff addicted without loggin so many other accounts or buffer char. So, big solution can be:

Step one: class buffs
Can add npc (Hyjal or near any dungeon/raid entrance) to give buffs for money/PVE-PVP tokens/Buff Token (yay!). So no more relogging buffer alt chars.
Most important buffs in this step: Stamina-shadow protection from priest, blessings from pala, mark from druid, arcane brilliance from mage.

Step two: world buffs
Same idea as abow but with more expensive buffs: Onyxia (ally+horde), ZG and Warchief (ally+horde if possible). Maybe DMT buffs too, but cheaper price.

..oh and ofc npc to reset sayge! Wink

My two cents Smile

Have a nice day, Capa
[Image: tf-crit2.jpg]
"Light Be With You"

World buffs however should stay original
All your suggestions in this thread sounds like shit for me.
sorry for the toxicity...
Grab your sword and fight the Horde!.
Uncle Lothar wants YOU!.

Vaso's reply is shit..ignore the kiddywink.

This is a great idea!
-1 except for perhaps the class buffers. The server is already easy. If you take out every single little bit of work you have to do... what's the point anymore?
1+ pls kelzo npc buffs

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