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@Ossirian, AV needs addressing
Its plain and simple. AV is abused by countless of people who duo/trio queue (see the reports on hacks and cheats mostly about AV leeching).
What they do is, log an alliance toon and one horde toon (because mostly you get your own faction when AV pop), and stealth rogues throughout the map or druids or nelfs etc. Auto run in walls and so on.
This means every bg they get at least 4 marks. After 3 bgs they alredy have more than 4.5k gold.

Now, surely this can`t be good for the server? Easy accessible gold? People dont play AV, they farm it for gold rushing boss with bis chars to kill it under 7 minutes and at any sign of PVP they afk out.

Please, reduce AV gold , for your own and community's benefit. Other battlegrounds will also benefit hugely out of this, wsg is nearly completely dead besides wsg weekend.
So, because of other players wrong-doings, the rest must also be punished by the gold being reduced?

Do something about the people causing the problems.
Don't change AV.
AV is fine as it is, nothing should be changed about it other than fixing minor bugs inside of it. People play av for what it is, its the most popular BG in vanilla wherever you would go to play, not just retro.
As for the people queing on multiple characters, you should report them as often as u see them.
Out of 1 person who gets reported, there are another 20-30-40(who knows) who are not being reported because people log the game to play it, not to convert tga format to jpg, upload it to some website, come make account here, make a topic and post the screenshot. In fact, AV is massively ghosted, proof that every AV has tons of rogues each side, sometimes up to 10 or more.

What I suggested is not a popular measure and of course most of the people will be against it. But for the health of the server and maybe donations as well, is better to reduce the absolutely ridiculous gold from AV.
AV needs to be made more fun. It's a battleground not a "rush pve marathon QQpvp"
My suggestion was in another post similar to this was to double the gold AV but, somehow make it more pvp oriented. Involving the minibosses. Make it mandatory to burn towers, and make AV 40 vs 40 if possible.
Also remove faction preferences. What I mean is make it random for what team you play. If I play horde toon I tend to be on the horde side. ok. Remove this preference and make it totally random.
AV is the "end game" for pvp not dps meter for pve.

Now addressing the multiboxing. How on earth can ppl do this. I though what multiboxing is only allowed in Hyjal. I have 2 accounts one with enchanter and the other with the rest. I'm always careful to be only in Hyjal.
I think GM's need to step up and look into the multiboxing outside Hyjal issue. Seriously. Sometimes there are more the 10 rogues in AV. I saw NE PReist "defending" shedowmelding behind a tree in Ally base. There always be afk-ers, but not 10+. C'mon.
If you see someone multiboxing, afking, simply open a ticket or PM one of us via discord.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]
The problem is when one of the teams has 15+ ppl while the other team has 5-7ppl only... There has to be some balance fixes applied.
+ Lorayne

.. I was in an AV match yesterday that was something like 15 vs 8

How does the matchmaking balance that out :/
(05-03-2020, 05:47 AM)CtrlAltDel Wrote: + Lorayne

.. I was in an AV match yesterday that was something like 15 vs 8

How does the matchmaking balance that out :/

its a lie, im pretty sure its because of the cross faction mod. so if your on horde as alliance it will count that person towards alliance even tho your playing for horde. hope that made sense.
Yea, most people realize this I guess, but not all (like the comments: "its 23 vs 17" Smile )
But when you open leaderboard and count total horde/alliance (red/blue), compare that to number of people in your team, thats the real status. Say 15 horde, 8 alliance, total 23. When theres only 7 in your team at that moment, it would be 16 vs 7 at that time. I guess some people are double queing and leaving quickly as they are assigned a team they dont want. Nothing much to do I guess.... Usually levels out fairly fast with new joiners.

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