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[A - EU-PVP] <Ascendance> recruitment for alliance PvE raiding (Europe – PvP Server)
[Ascendance], casual/Semi-Hardcore Raid guild [PvP].

Region: EU
Server: TBA, PvP
Faction: Alliance
Raid: Tuesday &amp; Sunday 20:00 – 24:00 CEST
Loot rules: DKP

About us:
As the guild recruitment market is saturated with semi-hardcore and hardcore guilds. We aim to reach the more balanced segment, somewhere between casual and semi-hardcore. We do not expect any world first kills nor do we intend to reach the sky on damage parses. We do however take our raiding seriously and such, we are looking for people who are passionate and willing to help securing the guilds success.

In addition, some of our members have a lot of PvP experience both from vanilla and in later expansions, achieving high PvP ranks and 2200 arena ratings. This also means that, apart from raiding, most will also have a healthy interest in PvP and as such, if you have an interest, you will find plenty of guildies to share it with.

What we expect:
- You to play your class well and have knowledge of the various boss / trash mechanics.
- High raid attendance.
- Be on time for raids (at raid location at/before scheduled time) [DKP on time bonus]
- Positive outlook and a friendly behavior towards your fellow guildie.

What we do not expect:
- We do not expect our members to spend exuberant amount of hours on world buffs or consumables before every raid.
- That you play the perfect raid spec down to the last point.

What our progression roadmap looks like:
- Leveling (Launch + 4 – 6 weeks)
- Attunements (Week 6-7)
- Onyxia and Molten Core (Week 8)
- ZG, BWL, AQ, Naxx (TBD)

We are well aware, that we are ambitious when it comes to the roadmap. We do however think it&rsquo;s important to clarify what our dream scenario is. Naturally, we need a certain amount of people before we can start raiding but we will however start raiding as soon as member count allows it.

Discord channel:

Feel free to reach me out in Discord at Fanatic#2490

Currently recruiting:
  • Druids: Backup*
  • Hunters: Backup*
  • Mages: Backup*
  • Paladins: Backup*
  • Priest: Backup*
  • Rogues: Backup*
  • Warlocks: Backup*
  • Warriors: Backup*
We currently have our 40-man roster full and a few backups. However, we have experienced significant changes across the months we had in the guild already. Not to mention, we expect drop-offs while leveling. So, roster changes are bound to happen.

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