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<Scrubs> Progress Team Eu time
Hi everyone,

Team <Scrubs> is looking for new competent players to form steady raiding groups. We play during EU evenings (raid start around 6-7pm server time) and want to progress through every raid together.

Mostly interested in new players / people willing to make a new toon rather than those in full t3, as raiding with over-geared characters and being carried is anything but fun.

If you're interested in evolving with us, join our discord and message a mod to get role assigned.

You're also free to contact me in game (/who julz to find any of my character).
good luck with your project! ^^
Naxx has been cleared since 13/05.

Still recruiting people interested in Pve/Pvp in a organized environment.
Hi. Will a ***** frost mage do it? Pretty new to wow vanilla.
Hi m8, im a starter Shadow or holy Priest on to this server

You still search for players?

Bastel in game
Hey guys i'm a german guy lf a friendly guild. I'm a Holy Priest and i hope you're searching for a guy how enters raids with attitude :]
Sorry for the late response but do you guys still have open spots? I can play dps and tank.

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