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New to the server
I played vanilla wow during the retail days. I'm joining the server but I really don't know anyone who plays. Was wondering if any guilds were recruiting new players? Would be nice to have people to talk to at least.

Welcome to the community.
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Hey Dr.HammerLock,

First off, welcome to the server buddy. Nice to see more retail veterans on board =D.

Anyways, when you are in game, type /join world. People do not use general chat, world chat is where players recruit for raids, guilds, premades, etc.

Raids are 5-man, I'm sure there are a few raiding guilds out there. People run Pugs as well, people are a little hesitant with new players but if you explain that you have retail raiding experience it may help your cause. The raids are well balanced for the 5 man environment, but they have to be taken seriously.

If you have any specific questions, either make a thread in the appropriate sub-forum and I'll respond or try to catch me in game (type /who felt).

Good Luck,
 Feltyham (TEAM CANADA)

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