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Hello vanilla friends
Hello there. I started playing on this server in 2015 I think, but quit because my friends left and it was extremely hard to do anything on this server without knowing anyone.

So I came back to check because I was bored, and now it's even worse unfortunately Sad 

It's nearly impossible to get anywhere with starting gear, nobody wants to play with you... I don't really care what I do (getting farmed by people in BGs are not very fun though), but getting out of starter gear would be nice! Any suggestions?

I know you said you don't like to PVP as a starter, but if you can tough it out for a few AV games you can turn in 10 marks for 4,000g. That should be enough to get some gear to get you into raiding. Or at least buy most of your D2.

Good luck! Hope this helped.
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