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New Core - Final Testing
Dear members,

Thank you for your patience and assistance during testing phases of our new Nostalrius based core.
Classes, talents, spells, quests, raids and battlegrounds have been reworked to allow for smoother, realistic blizz-like gameplay.

All raid instances have been completely re-done and tuned to RetroWoW's standard. 
You will find that most mechanics are working better and more representative of "blizz-like" qualities. 
In short, a learning curve will exist however we modified all content so it can be completed with minimal gear in relation to the raid itself. You may find the new raids to be slightly harder, but far smoother. 

We are now conducting final tests to aid we have re-released the Public Test Realm. 
To ease the transition we have copied over your characters from most recent backup at time of preparation of the PTR. 
We ask you login as normal and test your spells, talents and day-to-day gameplay. 

We would be grateful if you could submit bugs to our github page.

The Public Test Realm is available through the “Change Realm” option in your character window.

RetroWoW Team

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