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New player and id like some i formation please
Hi all guys late at night i ll be a part of your comunity 
I d like some infos about Retro if possible.
1rst the standar question.How is the population here?
2nd.Horde/Ally ratio?
3rd.BGs are active?
Well i wont write anything else,the rest ingame Wink

Thank you in regard
Welcome Vourdoulas!

To answer your questions:

1. The active population is in the 100s, I play in the eastern time zone - usually in the evening. I really only PvP. Enough players online to have 2 games of WSG going. I don't play on the weekends a lot, but it seems like more players are on.
2. The horde to ally ratio really doesn't matter here since RetroWoW is Cross-Faction. You can raid and PvP with Horde players on Alliance and vice versa. If I had to guess I'd say there are more Horde due to racial bonuses.
3. The active BG is WSG. ABs happen sometimes, but everyone mostly Qs for WSG since you can get more PvP-Tokens that way. PvP-Tokens are awarded for killing enemy players (1 Token per honourable kill). I think they're working on AV.

Some other facts about RetroWoW you should know:
a) Raids are 5 man, makes finding groups easier plus you gear up faster since there isn't much competition for loot.
b) Battleground tokens can be turned in for gold. 10 WSG marks is 1000g. You have to complete the PvP Attunement quest in order to turn in WSG marks. You can also turn in AB marks, but AB doesn't get run often.
c) PvP ranks are more or less aesthetic, you rank up but you can't purchase PvP gear like you would normally. Instead, as you collect PvP Tokens you can trade them in for the PvP gear. 100 marks per blue armour piece, 1000 per epic armour piece, weapons are 2k marks for one handers, 3k for two handers.
d) Look up a Pre-Raid BIS set, most dungeon blues are purchasable (they are free) from vendors located in the Hyjal mall. In most cases, running blues from these vendors is better than running the D0 set (beaststalkers, etc.).
e) All raid gear can be purchased via gold. The cost increases as the quality of the item improves. Check the mall vendors.

If you have questions, you can catch me online (whisper Feltyham, or any of my alts [Felt + something]).

Good Luck,
 Feltyham (TEAM CANADA).
Thank you very much for all the information Felty!!
I ll add you and soon you ll have tons of questions Wink
BULVAI be thy name a warrior human.

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