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Hey All,

    Started with Retail in 2007, around patch 2.1 - 2.2, I remember when they removed 99% of elites from the World PVE, quests like Gammertia, Mon! (Hinterlands) were suddenly a non-elite mob.  Anyways, long story short I played through BC, WoTLK, missed Cata, hated MOP, went through Draenor some, and played a bit of Legion.  Miss the times when gear meant something, and enchants made a TANGIBLE difference (a.k.a +7 stam).  Also crafting your prof gear like Robe of Power or Spider Silk slippers, and having it last for more than 30s. Major accomplishment from BC was doing the Crushridge Ogres 5-man quests as a solo mage (frost).  It was red in the quest log, took over an hour to do the chain, but well worth the satisfaction.  Thinking of joining this server to find the community aspect that is lacking in Retail, and experiencing the old raids as close as I can to their vanilla state.  I won't have much time to play, but looking for a change.  Feb 2007 start, so no 'vanillla' raid xp.  Have since done them all for transmogs and a few attunement quests.  Cheers,


Welcome to RetroWoW!
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