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am i perm banned?
Hey guys, i got banned the other day for multiboxing, i wanted the naxx shoulder enchant for my healer, and since the damage on it isnt too hight i used 2 more chars to grind the dews for pve tokens. Just before i was banned i was on the phone for 20 minutes or so and apparently i got a wanring while on the phone. When i came back the gamemaster told me that i ignored his warning and banned the 3 accounts.

I just wanted to know if im banned permanently. I honestly missed the warning, and its not like i got rich from killing a few dews. Its okay if i get more time, but perm ban is a bit harsh :/
Hi Louis277,
You were spotted multiple times and warned for breaking :
Multiboxing: Our definition of multiboxing includes any plural of characters being controlled through third party software and/or logging in with more than 1 account per IP (24h/48h).
You were dealt with a minimal punishment as of 24 hour suspension.

Please do not break any rules and play fair.
Good luck! Smile
Life begins where fear ends.

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