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Thuggergirl harrassing again

Today I am reporting Thuggergirl aka terminal aka creepin for harrassing me from several characters after i killed one of his alts  in bg he requested to duel my starter rogue named and began insulting me so i told him i will log main warrior and then we can duel while i logged he refused to duel so i ignored him and he came up with his lock named terminal and began insulting me again which i ignored too, so finally he logged his main named thuggergirl and began hate and harrassing me again. I know that thuggergirl was already perma banned once for harrassing and donor bashing guilds and players in wchat but somehow he got unbanned but today he did it again even i kept ignoring his chars he harrassed me from all chars.I guess he he didnt learn her lesson after last ban and that there will be some punishment,hes a toxic player and we all know it, also she keeps saying that she has connections between retrowow staff and she will never get banned again ... cmon dont even tell me to use ignore option when i did and he kept logging his alts..


screen from time when he donor bashed, thought donor bashing is perma ban but i guess i was wrong ;/
There is nothing in that screenshot that warrants a ban, i have no idea what kind of operation you think we run here but if somebody hurts your feelings we're not going to remove them from the game.
First of all, you started the conversation - effectively provoking them.

Before you bring up your ban - you where banned for vile immature comments in regards to rape.

Please do not include historical screenshots as they are no longer valid. It can be permanent but it can also result in a warning or nothing at all.

Also follow the report player template.

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