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Best of each class-PVP
Mage: Ipolylol, Lolv, Paditzcyka))
Paladin: Retarditz
Rogue: -Sinesius, Inwheelchair
Shaman: -
Hunter: - Mustalainen
Warlock: -
Warrior: - Fellar, Rivian, Paditzrip
(04-06-2017, 02:47 PM)hellpatrol Wrote: Best druids:Shapeshiftez(this is one of the best druids I've ever seen.He carries prems 24/7),Skogs
Best mages:Madscientist,Flaming,Zonee
Best warriors:Koryo,Hulksmash,Nightflower(always with 5 healers keke)
Best warlock:Gozu
Best rogues:Sunqt,Sinesius,haven't really seen any good rogues lately,Arcosa,Pomf and Ugglybitch were playing b4 and they were amazing.
Best Shamans:Sidebewb,Ane
Best hunter:Soviethammor
Best Paladins:Juanito(Speedy mexican that's hard to kill),Lomiz
Best Priest:Sdevil

wtf men? how about me uts

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