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Vanilla 1.12.1 > Vanilla 2.4.3
I remember playing a Vanilla server a few years ago that used The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 version of wow instead of the classic 1.12.1. - I don't recall the name but I remember there was a few servers like it at that time. 
It was a long time ago but what I find surprising is that the concept was gone, even though it had high population.

So the reason why I brought it up was to suggest Retro-wow staff to consider picking up the idea and explore the options since there's nothing like this at the moment. It would be promising side project at start and perhaps even outdo the Classic 1.12.1 server when it's finished.

Keep the same concept of what retro is today with the 5-man raid Vanilla content, the custom NPC's and all that good stuff. But change the version from [Classic 1.12.1] to [The Burning Crusade version 2.4.3]
To get some of that sweet TBC content into the mix. 

List of tbc goodies that can be applied.

+Rated Arena System. New battleground map. Random battleground queue. Crowd control improvement, 
 Fair PVP trinket update.

Add some restrictions to keep the Vanilla feel.

-Level cap should be 60 and it shouldn't be possible to enter any TBC zones. Cap professions at 300 and restrict learning JC. Perhaps the bottom talents should be restricted other than that the talents should look the same except for a few tweaks here and there. Which is nice.

Is possible to copy the scripts from your current 1.12.1 server
to the 2.4.3 if it's the same core but different versions.
Or do you need to re-code the vanilla scripts from scratch?

(Ex. mangOs 1.12.1 to mangOs 2.4.3) ?
i aggree because rated arena and cc's would be easier to make; thing is it won't really be vanilla because of some new talents. And for that reason i really don't think this idea will be even considered sadly
you forgot to add the part about more fishing items
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(02-17-2017, 01:04 PM)Gnawbone Wrote: you forgot to add the part about more fishing items

(02-17-2017, 06:34 AM)Gozu Wrote: Awesome stuff about the dead server called "Cruel" or maybe the other one I cant name because their host is still alive that I used to frequent and Gozu is a beautiful beast for bringing back the memories

I used to play there ritually, they used a patch for custom Vanilla talent trees, it kept the vanilla talents 1:1 and they recoded the talents and abilities to have as close to vanilla functioning as possible. It was great. It removed the bugs of the 1.12.1 client and you got to look at the beautiful 2.4.3 client.
You had to grind for gear on both servers and it was a similar system to current retro but gear was relatively harder to obtain, like you only saw 2-3 people in full naxx gear out of the countless people who played there (not counting people like me who donated)

The one I cant name specifically had a very retail feel to it, you had to earn gear 1:1 like retail because the pop was so huge. As much as I loved that server I know there's no way for that to work today ;w;

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