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Please make a vendor that sells finished Poisons already.
Great idea.


isn't making stuff fun for vanilla wow?
(01-04-2017, 02:56 AM)qzhang30 Wrote: isn't making stuff fun for vanilla wow?

Well poisons are just time consuming to make and the mats are given for silvers at a poison vendor already. This wouldn't hurt any profession or anyone because poison mats are very cheap considered the economy on this server. I would not mind if poisons are sold for more then a couple silvers.

I checked it out real quick and average poison price is 5-10silvers each if you make it yourself. Sell it for 50s or 1g each if you wish so for the new comers it's cheaper to make it yourself, but if you've been here a while you pay 10/20x what it costs to save 5 mins of crafting and everyone is happy!

Just my 2 cents
+1 would like to see this. Kinda annoying making poisons
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