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TLDR Shaman + Holy pally guide + UI installation
Hey so I just made up a quick UI installation guide for all healers, I have decided to also write up a quick TLDR guide for both shaman and holy paladin as I have seen many players playing the class incorrectly.

All healers: Farm south of winterspring for your demonic runes, they are OP in raids!
[Image: 2021021a0d.jpg]
The quickest way here is to teleport to the yeti quest spot and then run down there. The demons die incredibly quickly for elites and you can easily farm 10 runes in 30 minutes.
For your pre raid BIS see the source section under each class, retro wow is missing a few pieces though so use your common sense where applicable.

[Image: 6e68eee72a.jpg]
1. Save up 1k gold to buy the libram which increases healing by flash of light (OPOP)
2. Keep at least 1 seal up on the boss at all times, for fights where melee take heavy damage put Seal of Light on the boss via judgement, for increased ranged dps and mana regen put on seal of wisdom.
3. Spam FoL R1 in starter gear (possibly FoL R2 if your Mp5 can sustain it)
4. Top people up with FoL R7 (or the highest possible rank)
5. If healing is getting stressful incorporate Holy Light in to your rotation as well as Holy Shock, make sure to use your divine favor with Holy Light to top the tank for more efficient healing.
6. Use blessing of sacrifice on warlocks who use hellfire or mages who use blizzard, this is basically doubling their life pool vs many whelps/small mobs.
8. Dispell magic, disease and poison

Paladin Buff Guide:
Mages, Healers, Hunters?: Wisidom (Mp5)
Warriors, Rogues, Warlocks: Might/Salv
Warlocks/Mages using AOE: Sacrifice (Only lasts 30 seconds, make sure to refresh)
Tanks: Light
HEAVY RAID DAMAGE (Example: Anub encounter in Naxx): Light

Stat weights: Crit = 12ish Healing Power
                     Healing Power = 1 Healing Power
                     MP5 = 3 Healing Power
Full paladin guide and source
Trinket choices

[Image: 503bc23889.jpg]
1. Maintain mana tide totem, strength of earth totem and windfury or grace of air totem at ALL TIMES
2. Use other totems where appropriate eg. Tremor for fear on Onyxia/BWL where required, Poison dispell totem in AQ40, Fire Resistance totem in many fights in BWL. Stoneskin totem is extremely underrated.
3. Spam chain heal R1 when there are 2 people taking damage (most effective healing by far, see source at bottom of post)
4. Chain heal R3 when you need to do more healing on 2 or more people.
5. Spam R1 healing wave on the tank if no other damage is going out so you can make use of the bonus armor from the crit as well as the 3 stack 18% increased healing (both are from resto talents)
6. R4 or R5 healing wave is best to top individual people up who take damage if an instant heal is not required (Ranks depend on your gear level and MP5)
7. Rank 6 or 7 healing wave to top up individuals but remember, if two people need healing and are close together (especially melee) ALWAYS use chain heal.
8. Lesser heal max rank is best for OH SHIT situations, only use if absolutely necessary
9. Natures Swiftness max rank healing touch for OP 1 shot heals
10. Use mana tide when you have spent 2k mana
11. Spam corehound farm with windfury in an OP melee heavy group (no tanks required) to save for the a40 mace which is also OPOP. Should take around 2-3 hours to get the required gold.

Full Shaman guide and source

As for the UI please see this link:
Knoxxic UI installation guide, see readme
Example of my paladin UI, all of the empty space is where the healing frames go, I will update this when I get in a combat situation.
[Image: f4dccad461.jpg]

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