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Looking for Alliance Carebears to Run With
If you know what that means, and are Alliance we definitely want to talk to you. We're a small group of friends that have played WOW since launch, but miss the Vanilla days. We're looking for 1 more person to make a complete 5 man team to run Nax with on Saturday evenings. Role doesn't matter. We're pretty geared, and so are our alts, so we'll play whatever. We have spare gold to help get you geared through tier 2. One of us is already an enchanter and an alchemist, so we have access to enchants and flasks. One of us is a maxed cook with recipes for strength, agility and int food. you will be asked to farm sandwort meat, grilled squid (max out your fishing) and rum tubers. I have a private vent for voice comm if needed. We're not guided, and we have no plans to start one. We're mostly about clearing PvE content with a consistent group of friends. Sounds like you? PM me.
Hey I play as fury warrior and I am a really good guy. I have the skills, and learn quickly. Ingame my name is Kongnic Smile

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