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PuG MC? Population?
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Hey all. This server looks cool, but just a few questions. Are the play times EU or NA based? How many people are usually on? And do people start pugging MC right away or what does the progression look like?

You are given starter gear that is (if you know how to play your class) just enough to get a few friends and do a challenging MC/Ony Raid. We have t1-t3 including AQ sets. We have pvp/pve custom quests and a variety of things to do. While this is not 100% Blizz like, if raiding/pvp was your forte in vanilla, you will die for this server. Me personally, I'm in it for the 5m pve raids!
If you try it out, add Troyb in game. I have t1-t2.5 gear and can help you out. My guild had a few full t3 and we are all very friendly.

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