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Easy Engineering Guide
Amounts of Materials Needed for Engineering 1 - 300 & Guide


Rough Stone:15
Coarse Stone:6
Heavy Stone:18
Solid Stone:26
Dense Stone:12


Copper Bar:12
Bronze Bar:13
Silver Bar:4
Steel Bar:4
Mithril Bar:22
Thorium Bar:36


Wool Cloth:9
Mageweave Cloth:2

Engineering Supply Vendor/Miscellaneous

Weak Flux:4
Wooden Stock:2
Bronze Framework:3

*Important:* Keep all items created unless stated otherwise. They are used later on.
Example: See step 4, 7 & 8.

1.Get materials stated above.
2.Go to Engineering Trainer and learn Engineering.
3.Make Rough Blasting Powder from 1-40. (15 Rough Stone Required) (Vendor once made)
4.Learn Handful of Copper Bolts and make them from 40-51. (2 Copper Bar Required)
5.Learn Journeyman Engineering.
6.Learn Arcanite Spanner and make from 51-56. (6 Copper Bar Required)(Used to craft items)
7.Create Copper Tube from 56-66. (4 Copper Bar, 2 Weak Flux Required)
8.Create Rough Boomstick from 66-76. (2 Copper Tube, 2 Handful of Copper Bolts, 2 Wooden Stock Required) (Vendor once made)
9.Learn and make Coarse Blasting Powder from 76-96. (6 Coarse Stone Required)(Vendor once made)
10.Learn and make Silver Contact from 96-116. (4 Silver Bar Required)
11.Learn and make Bronze Tube from 116-126. (4 Bronze Bar, 2 Weak Flux Required)
12.Learn and make Heavy Blasting Powder from 126-146. (7 Heavy Stone Required)
13.Learn and make Big Bronze Bomb from 146-156. (10 Heavy Blasting Powder, 5 Silver Contact, 12 Bronze Bar Required)
14.Make 3 Whirring Bronze Gizmo from 156-161.(6 Bronze Bar, 3 Wool Cloth Required) (Keep for step 15)
15.Make 3 Explosive Sheep from 161-176. (1 Bronze Framework, 1 Whirring Bronze Gizmo, 2 Heavy Blasting Powder, 2 Wool Cloth) (Buy Bronze Framework from Engineering Vendor)
16.Learn and make Gyromatic Micro-Adjuster from 176-181. (4 Steel Bar Required)
17.Learn and make Solid Blasting Powder from 181-196. (12 Solid Stone Required)
18.Learn and make Mithril Tube from 196-201. (3 Mithril Bars Required) (Vendor or Keep for devices)
19Learn and make Unstable Trigger from 201-211. (2 Mithril Bars, 2 Mageweave Cloth, 2 Solid Blasting Powder Required) (Keep for Step 22)
20.Learn and make Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs from 211-231. (7 Mithril Bars, 7 Solid Blasting Powder Required)(Vendor once made)
21.Make Mithril Casing from 231-241. (6 Mithril Bars Required)(Keep for Step 22)
22.Learn and make Hi-Explosive Bomb from 241-246. (2 Mithril Casing, 2 Solid Blasting Powder, 1 Unstable Trigger)(Vendor or use)
23.Learn and make Mithril Gyro-Shot from 246-251. (4 Mithril Bars, 2 Solid Blasting Powder Required)(Vendor once made)
24.Learn and make Dense Blasting Powder from 251-261. (12 Dense Stone Required)
25.Learn and make Thorium Widget from from 261-291. (18 Thorium Bars, 6 Runecloth Required)
26.Go to Everlook, closest hut on the right, by entrance, buy Thorium Tube Recipe. (1g60s Required to Purchase)
27.Learn and make Thorium Tube from 291-300. (18 Thorium Bars Required)

Congratulations, you have 300 Engineering now, have fun!

Numbers will most likely be slightly off due to RNG of levels gained from Yellow and Green crafts, so keep in consideration that you might need to grab a few extra mats.

Great job mate Cool
Can raise the mining up and get the bars in less than an hour. Deadmines--->Uldaman--->Silithid Hives
awesome guide !
pls sticky for the future

greetings Flupp
nice, will use this
anyone else try this and it was off?
A little but it depends on procs when your engi skill is yellow
i think it was more than luck because it involved green procs which shouldnt be relied on.... going to make a better guide Wink (and sell kits)
Yeah it’s really close, I had to farm a little extra. All in all though it’s pretty spot on.
(05-29-2017, 02:29 PM)oldspiced Wrote: anyone else try this and it was off?

Yep, that would be me, given that vanilla is back, along many things did research on engineering guides also, and gotta admit, there aren't many and only those 2 have won my heart

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