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Easy First Aid Guide (Horde)
Amount of Cloths Needed for First Aid 1 - 300 & Guide

Linen Cloth: 33.
Wool Cloth: 26.
Silk Cloth: 22.
Mageweave Cloth: 15.
Runecloth: 12.

Books Needed
  • Expert First Aid - Under Wraps
  • Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage
  • Manual: Mageweave Bandage
All these books can be purchased from: Balai Lok'Wein, whom is in Dustwallow Marsh
Preferably buy all the books while you are there, or buy them first so you don't need to run there awhile leveling.
1. Get the amount of mats stated above.
2. Go to First Aid trainer get First Aid.
3. Make Linen Bandages from 1 to 40. (Requires 12 Linen Cloth.)
4. Learn Heavy Linen Bandages, make Heavy Linen Bandages from 51 to 80. (Requires 18 Linen Cloth.)
5. Learn Wool Bandages and Anti-Venom, make Wool Bandages from 81 to 115. (Requires 10 Wool Cloth.)
6. Learn Heavy Wool Bandage, make Heavy Wool Bandages from 116 to 125.
7. Learn Expert First Aid from book. (Refer to above.) Make Heavy Wool Bandages from 126 to 150. (16 Wool Cloth in total.)
8. Learn Silk Bandage, make Silk Bandages from 151 to 180. (Requires 8 Silk Cloth.)
9. Learn Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage from book (refer to above.) Make Heavy Silk Bandages from 181 to 210. (Requires 14 Silk Cloth.)
10. Learn Manual: Mageweave Bandage from book (refer to above.) Make Mageweave Bandages from 211 to 225. (Requires 3 Mageweave Cloth.)
11. * Important * Teleport to Orgrimmar, the most westerly hut in The Valley of Spirits is the NPC to get the quest from which is needed to get to 300 First Aid, NPC is named Arnok. Quest: Horde Trauma.
12. Make your way to Undercity then fly down to Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands. Quest ends at Doctor Gregory Victor which is at the most Southerly house at Hammerfall, he is at the entrance. After accepting his quest you get given a bandage which you right click it once selecting patients on the floor, you need to heal 15 patients before 6 of them die. The bandage casting time is 7 seconds per heal, be fast.
13. Make Mageweave Bandages from 226 to 240. (Requires 4 Mageweave.)
14. Learn Heavy Mageweave Bandages, make Heavy Mageweave Bandages from 241 to 260. (Requires 8 Mageweave Cloth.)
15. Learn Runecloth Bandages, make Runecloth Bandages from 261 to 290. (Requires 8 Runecloth.)
16. Learn Heavy Runecloth Bandages, make Heavy Runecloth Bandages from 291 to 300. (Requires 4 Runecloth.)

Well done on 1 - 300 First Aid in under 1 hour.

- Cryo
Great guide!

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