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My Stalker, Yippee
This lock (Yippee w/e) is stalking me since a few months ago.

Why do certain people talk so much trash, instead of just enjoying the game?

Leave me alone!

Here I post one of his obsessed pms with me today :
ahahah, you should make a novel out of it:
Part I: The day I discovered I had a stalker
Part II: The day I confronted him ...

but srsly, you are both clearly above average player, so idk what happened. But usually, whenever someone starts trashtalking me, I know I'm doing a good job. And I'll target that person even more until they /afk out

but yea, if things get too weird, just ignore. My ignore list is full and I have to delete old ignored players ..
look how much ego the stalker got, pro in wow LOL
after all the pro talking, "winning you wouldn't prove i'm right winning me wouldn't prove i'm wrong" ? WTF
strike, you gotta understand that some people have serious mental disease
Yippeekiyay.. i remember him when ur name was mentioned in chat one day
he showed the weird reaction, expressing huge hostility against u strike
maybe he just wants to be recognized by u, like child teasing someone he has crush on.

imagine a person having no life & wannabe pro wow classic player
and u'll understand his anxiety.
Strike is a national treasure and should be preserved! This offense shall be met with the council of ricks judgement.
Strikeout is still PvP endgame final boss and this guy is just jealous. Shame on him for bothering you, hopefully we'll see him is WSG soon!
Yippeekiyay is good lock here already
but there're some differences between yipp and strike.
let me list some of them in healer's perspective (only playing healers)

-when against them, yipp usually doesn't notice my sneaky heals behind his back, but strike catches 90% of my heals even when 3 people are on him.
-yipp farms mid in most of the time, while strike picks up flag or returns flag in wsg
-yipp queue wsg with his personal healer or pms for healbot. but strike asks me heal team, not just him.

these small things stack up and make differences between just good and great

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