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Bare Knuckle of Azeroth (20th February)
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[Image: aW2YUSV.png]

The winner of the tournament takes 15 000 gold, the second place - 3000 gold.


20.02.2021 20:00 ST.
Invitation starts at 19:30 ST. Whisper Dovlatov.

Mulgore Duel Zone
[Image: D21mYrY.jpg]

  • One on one. Only bare fists allowed. No buffs, active spells/items, consumables, enchants. 
  • You're fighting till one of you surrenders. If you surrender - you are out.
  • The final fight  will have 3 rounds.
  • No class restrictions, but,  from my point of view, warrior is the best class for this event. Don't forget to use .maxskill command if you are creating a new character.

Equipment allowed: Only boots, pants, bracers and belts from the starter vendors/goblins. You can also put on a shirt and a tabard.
that seems fun, ill come and watch if I think about it
I beg you, I beg you, I beg you, I ask you to please change the time, it is too early for those who work late or are alone with their children. So if it can be and people support me I open a vote for the event to start at 22:30 server time.

or repeat it on Sunday.

anyway is a great ideal I hope it repeats every weekend.

I smell the fear of the pay2win, this is only suitable for true warriors
Even though tomorrow the world will be over today, I'd still plant a tree. Never stop fighting.
I will repeat this event if people like it, maybe with some tweaks. We will figure this out at Saturday Smile
Roxxon donated 8k for the tournament so the prizes are updated.
Sanqt donated 4 500 gold for the event! Thank you!
The winners are:
1. Ewok
2. Sajaki

3. Korshi

[Image: zqgqKgJ.jpg]

Thanks everyone for coming.  Heart you all.
Also thanks to Sunqt and Roxxan -  for increasing prize fund.

[Image: 9y1ZB7F.jpg]

[Image: eS5Fya8.jpg]

[Image: 1sl3Zuu.jpg]

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