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With Classic coming to an end soon, a void will be created for the Wow community, and while Retrowow has its quality wich is why so many of us are still here, needless to say that having a new facelift given to our good old Battlegrounds seems like a smart move to attract some needy lost wow player looking for a new online home.

The new week end reward has been a great idea implemented by the staff, as it focused players into one same bg during an entire week, making that bg proc easily without spreading the pvp players in all of the 3 BG's.

As a result, for several months now we no longer have any issue making a specific bg proc relatively quickly, simply because everyone got used to the meta of queing the same BG during the week. And so  increasing the maximum cap of players in  AB and AV battlegrounds will not hurt the queue time at all. We have to make BGs more interesting and PVP Friendly, because they are meant to be FOR the PVP Community, not Gold Farmers. The pvp community is the one that makes this server and any server alive, and allows it to grow eventually. People chasing gold eventually quit when they are rich and geared out, pvp players aswell, but much later.

The Idea is to make AV and AB more about actual fights & PVP encounter, and less about objective rushes in AV, and boring running around trying to find people for 10 min in Arathi Bassin by doing the following:

-Increasing Arathi Bassin cap player from 15v15 to 20v20
-Increasing Alterac Valley cap player from 20v20 to 30v30

Update 02/18/21-
Suggestion from Strikeout ---
- In AV only: Reduce the Destruction Timer of all Towers in AV from 5 minutes to 2 minutes (this will make more players want to attack and defend, wich means more pvp in AV)

Suggestion from Darda ---
- In AV only: In addition to the normal pvp token we get from each Honorable Kill, give us players 20 gold. "This change will make players want to play tower and middle way more instead of having a super fast pve rush to objective."
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I am fine with increasing the cap as long as it doesn't require a full set of players queuing to actually start a game. As an example I would want an AB to start when as little as 10v10 people are in queue for it, not 20v20 as would be the suggested max population.

As long as the minimum requirements for the BGs are not increased I see no downside in increasing the maximum allowed.

If this is not programmable then I suggest the GMs make use of some ghost queuing bots to help trigger the BGs.
Yea I aggree, we cant have any minimum requirement that would make bg queues longer, main quality of retro is the fast queue time.

Btw, I have noticed that sometimes a bg isn't full, and yet me or a friend still cannot enter it; I don't know if its just on rare occasions and maybe linked to the fact that the faction you are in doesnt match the spot available, not sure though
There is a couple of things i think could make PVP a better place in Retro, I do realise some of thoses ideas could be harmfull for the game comunity but i also think they can be good, or at least improved to make them find a purpose within the game.

We could also make the quests from AV where you loot Players corpses to get Stormpike blood and armor pieces more appealing, more do-able within game time, more revolved around PVP and more impactfull on the game, this would make turtles last less time because you could advance using the rewards from the quests, while also making it more fun because there is now a purpose to killing people inside the bg and you get to see things like the Giant golem or Giant tree just storming the enemy base.

I also think that giving player a small gold reward for killing players in battlegrounds could be a good idea, for exemple the Gurubashi and Dire Maul arenas rewards you with 20 gold per kill instead of Tokens. Perhaps something like getting 5gold/kill atop of tokens in Bgs would make raw pvp more appealing to new players looking for gold and for old players who want more gold for new characters or consumables.

On a last note maybe "surrender votes" could be an addition to Bg in certain situations, i've seen lowbies getting in WSG or AV just to get token farmed for 30minutes by T3 wearers, which is never a fun experience.

Thanks for reading and thanks for keeping this server alive Smile
Love the ideas Darda, I updated the post.

Regarding the mini boss in AV I think they tried to implement it without success, that would be sick to have a smart feature to make it work though ..

And yea, giving a small amount of gold per kill in AV is a great idea, I suggested it a few years ago, maybe it will be reconsidered though
"- In AV only: Reduce the Destruction Timer of all Towers in AV from 5 minutes to 2 minutes (this will make more players want to attack and defend, wich means more pvp in AV)"

lol absolutely not. no thank you.
Confirmation that refusing to return to base & fight the enemy team in AV if you don't have a tank or telling your team to give up & "let them win" is win trading.

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