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Unable to log in game
 Not really sure where to post this but I am unable to log into game,  It's a new account and its all set up; but everytime I try to log in it just says "unable to loggin at this time" and I have tried it multiple different times.

Might just be a glitch. Have you tried deleting your cookies and trying all over again? Every time I get issues with logging into my Wow account I do that and it works fine! I would be really frustrated if I couldn't log in and the problem persisted, but I know for a fact that this can't really happen without a good reason. The game has really gotten better over the years and it's really worth to spend money and buy poe exalted as the value for money you can get on some sellers is insane. My character is 10 times stronger thanks to the last package I bought.
PM me in discord. I will try to help you.

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